Apple’s Employees in Australia Stop Working to Demand Better Working Conditions and Wage

Apple’s employees in Australia go on strike on Friday afternoon, as the worker’s union demanded a better working payroll and conditions.

Australia’s Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) announced earlier this month to stop working on December 23 at (0400 GMT) nationwide until Christmas Eve.

Workers’ strike could damage Apple’s sales revenue as Christmas is the best selling time for the company.

The strike came after the disruption of Apple’s iPhone’s flagship supplier in China that faced mass protest against stringent Covid-19 controls, leading to the company cutting its target for the year.

Earlier in June, Apple’s employees in Maryland, United State, were the first group of retail employees to unite against the company about the working conditions.

RAFFWU is at the forefront of the walk out, which they claim an eight-year old agreement denies workers, weekends, consecutive days off, along with other conditions.

The union said that the 2014 agreement was the culprit that pushed employees to be under the legal minimum, while demanding Apple to return to the negotiation table for a fair agreement.