EA Meets Malaysia’s PM to Explore EV Market with THB38 Billion of Investment

Thailand’s EV leader Energy Absolute Public Company Limited plans to explore the Malaysian market to support, invest and lift pilot projects in the neighbouring country.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, through his Facebook post on Thursday, wrote that he had welcomed a delegation from Thailand led byMr. Somphote Ahunai, a representative of Energy Absolute Malaysia Sdn Bhd., the Malaysian arm of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (SET: EA), Thailand’s leading EV producer.

The Malaysian PM noted that EA expressed its intention to explore the Malaysian market, based on principle, to support, invest and lift pilot projects in Malaysia. EA will collaborate with Computer Forms Malaysia Berhad (CFM) to develop the green technology industry in Malaysia, EV technology transfer to Malaysia, building EV manufacturing and supply factories, especially in the transport sector such as electric bus, electric school bus, electric boat, electric motorbikes, EV batteries, electric trains, electric car and others with an investment value of RM5 billion, equivalent to THB38.6 billion.