Thonburi Healthcare Group Establishes New Subsidiary to Operate Health Care and Telemedical Business


Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited (SET: THG) announced on Tuesday that the company has established Telehealth Care Company Limited as a new subsidiary, with the registered capital of 200,000,000 baht, with 20,000,000 shares, THB 10 per share.

The first 25% paid-up, amounting to 50,000,000 baht.

The company’s objective is operating a health care business and telemedicine with technology

to support the core business of the company making customers access treatment conveniently, quickly and reducing customer’s expenses

Major shareholders, the first, Thonburi Healthcare Group PCL holds 85% of shares, the second,  Mr. Titiphong Nunthapiwat holds 15% of shares.