Investors Panic over Credit Suisse Potentially Selling Ownership in Thai Securities

Global markets are reacting to the situation regarding Credit Suisse in a negative way in concerns that the Swiss bank will become the next victim in this financial crisis.

Credit Suisse is a global investment bank and financial services firm that is well-known across the world through its investment in different countries.

Investors were quick to leave the Swiss bank after it showed some bad signs by stating that it found certain material weaknesses in its internal control over financial reporting. This resulted in the share price of Credit Suisse to plunge to its record low with a drop of 24% to CHF1.70 per share on Wednesday.


Thai investors are also worrying about the situation as well since the Swiss bank has invested in Thai securities. The market fears that the bank could sell its stakes for cash to fund its operation, which will lead custodians to sell their assets as well.

According to the data based on the latest record date, Stark Corporation Pcl, Thoresen Thai Agencies Pcl, TMT Steel Pcl, Srisawad Corporation Pcl and Raimon Land Pcl are the top five Thai securities that Credit Suisse has ownership in.


Stock No. of share Share portions (%)
STARK 2,602,064,700 21.85
TTA 150,000,000 8.23
TMT 47,002,300 5.40
SAWAD 63,251,089 4.61
RML 170,191,000 4.08
TSE 76,247,946 3.60
MINT 175,175,800 3.36
FNS 8,554,900 2.47
TWPC 20,375,990 2.31
TRUE 757,962,909 2.19
KSL 89,702,836 2.03
BWG 88,000,000 1.93
NER 30,002,800 1.62
KSL-R 64,674,734 1.47
BTS 192,015,400 1.46
BANPU 94,867,625 1.12
TIPCO-R 3,000,000 0.62
LPN-R 3,330,000 0.23
RATCH-R 4,830,340 0.22
TTA-R 3,830,736 0.21