Asiasoft Corp Shares Jump 9% after SABUY Makes THB7.1 Billion Tender Offer

The share of Asiasoft Corporation Pcl. (SET: AS) rose THB1.40/share, or 9.46%, to THB16.20/share as of 10.27 A.M. Bangkok time, with a trading value of THB312 million. 

Thursday morning saw a rise in Asiasoft Corp.’s share price after it was revealed that Sabuy Technology Public Company Limited (SET: SABUY) will tender all of securities (including warrants) in Asiasoft Corp. for a total investment value of THB7,137 million.

According to the Board of Directors’ Meeting of SABUY held on March 30, 2023, the meeting has resolved to approve the investment AS by making a Conditional Voluntary Tender Offer at a price of THB 18.50 per share, including the Warrants to Purchase the Ordinary Shares in AS No. 2 (AS-W2) at a price of THB 15.00 per share (collectively referred to as AS securities) and/or to exercise the conversion right of AS-W2 at a price of THB 3.50 per share.

As of March 29, 2023, SABUY holds 125,861,258 ordinary shares of AS, representing 24.84 percent of the number of paid-up shares.

AS is an online entertainment service provider and a leading online game operator in South East Asia. AS is the number one online game operator in Thailand and Singapore and the second largest online game operator in Malaysia and Vietnam and is currently providing 33 online game services in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.