ADVANC Records THB6.75 Billion of Net Profit in 1Q23, Moving Forward to Strengthen Services and 5G Network

  • AIS strengthens its potential with strong financial performance, unveiling 1Q23 net profit of Bt 6,757 mn, growing 7.1% YoY.
  • Ready to move forward with our capabilities to build the Ecosystem Economy towards the Cognitive Tech-Co vision.


AIS disclosed its operating results for 1Q23 with a strong financial performance recording a total revenue of Bt 46,712 mn, growing 3.2% YoY, and a net profit of Bt 6,757 mn, growing 7.1% from last year. In 2023, a CAPEX budget of Bt 27 – 30 bn has been allocated to uplift and strengthen service quality and 5G autonomous network to deliver digital experiences to AIS customers and Thai people. AIS will continue to leverage on its strengths with partners in all areas to generate mutual growth or the Ecosystem Economy, aligned with the vision of Cognitive Tech-Co to support the growth of future business expansion.


Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Services Plc. (SET: ADVANC or AIS) remarked, “AIS is dedicated to create digital infrastructure through the development of an autonomous network to support every real use case to enhance customer experiences. In addition, the inflation pressures started to resolve, and we started to see positive indicators for the revival of consumer purchasing power and the overall economic situation. In particular, tourism showed a strong recovery with 6.5 million tourist arrivals in the first three months of 2023 and with Thai people increasingly starting to travel both domestically and internationally.”

“AIS’ performance in the first quarter of 2023 has therefore been quite satisfactory, reflecting our goals to not only deliver digital experiences to the Thai public but also create growth opportunities to various industries of Thailand to build a mutualistic growth or “Ecosystem Economy”. Our guiding principle remains to continue focusing on improving intelligent digital infrastructure, both on 5G mobile and fixed broadband networks, to provide cross–sector connectivity in the ecosystem ranging from small local entrepreneurs to our regional and global partners.”

The first quarter of 2023 recorded a total revenue of Bt 46,712mn, increasing 3.2% YoY, and a net profit of Bt 6,757mn indicating the company’s robust financial position while continuously showing strengths in developing innovation and providing quality 5G and home broadband network coverages. Additionally, AIS continuous efforts to manage cost effectively have brought in the EBITDA of Bt 22,636 mn, growing 1.0% YoY, with a strong EBITDA margin of 48.5%. The operating results by business segment are as follows


  • Mobile Business: Revenues grew 1.4% YoY, with total subscribers of 46.1 million, representing additional 108,000 new subscribers. 5G Users reached over 7.2 million, increased from 2.8 million in 1Q22. AIS increased its 5G coverage to 87% of the Thai population while expanding capabilities to support the increased usage and customers.
  • Fixed Broadband Business: Revenues increased 11% YoY, and 4.3% QoQ from the expansion of service coverage with superior quality and service standards under our aspiration to create Digital Experience for Thais. It is AIS’ commitment to fulfill every possible need of our customers and enhanced the experience of home Internet usage. AIS introduced the first broadband Internet service in Thailand using WiFi 6E, a WiFi standard technology on the new 6GHz spectrum. Additionally, a new standard is set when AIS introduced a Transparent Fiber Optic cable connecting to signal boosters to provide Gigabit- level speeds in every room of the home on the same network (Fiber to the Room: FTTR) for the best experiences of the customers at home. Consequently, broadband subscribers increased by 99,000 from the previous quarter, giving a total customer base of 2.3 million.
  • Enterprise and other business: AIS Business grew 5.2% YoY, taking a crucial role in empowering Thailand’s industries, businesses, and SME sectors for mutual growth with a focus on applying network capabilities to increase agility in the business.  For instance, AIS PARAGON (Next Generation Orchestration Platform), a 5G One Stop Platform for industry to efficiently manage its resources on the Cloud with Edge Computing was introduced. Other key ongoing highlight include a key infrastructure project, the green data center.


“AIS will continue investing in this year with a budget of Bt 27–30 bn to uplift network and service quality towards becoming the Cognitive Tech-Co. We will collaborate with the strengths of our strategic partners from all industries to create growth for customers, the Thai people, and the Nation. This is the Ecosystem Economy that will also enable AIS to effectively deliver outstanding digital customer experiences and services through autonomous networks and broadband services for all customers,” concluded Somchai.