BCPG Acquires All Shares in “SMP AS” for Additional Investment in Lao PDR’s 600-MW Wind Farm

BCPG Public Company Limited (SET: BCPG) said on Thursday that it had reached an agreement with numerous conditions precedent, and that ownership of SMP. AS Pte. Ltd., the owner of Monsoon Wind Power Co., Ltd., had been transferred. As a result, BCPG is a net indirect shareholder in MWP, which operates the 600-mw Monsoon Wind Project, with a 48.25% stake.

BCPG holds 45% of shares in Impact Energy Asia Development Limited (IEAD) and IEAD holds 85% of shares in MWP, which is a company established in Lao PDR for operating 600-megawatt wind farms in Sekong and Attapue provinces, Lao PDR.

Later in 2022, BCPG approved its indirect subsidiary Indochina Development and Operation Holdings Pte. Ltd. to acquire 100% share of SMP AS, a company registered in the Republic of Singapore, under the condition’s precedent, which holds 10% of MWP.