Singha Estate Goes Ahead with “S Angthong Eco-Industrial Estate” Launch to Establish New Strategic Investment Destination

The S Industrial Estate Angthong (S Angthong) is getting ready for its full-scale launch in late Q3/2023 with a plan to underline its positioning as an eco-industrial estate and readiness to serve Eco Factory & Green Industry. Strategically located in Ang Thong Province, S Angthong has already completed more than 90% of its constructions. It also sets to unveil an Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand’s (I-EA-T) One Stop Service Center in its compound. This center will comprehensively support S Angthong’s operations as an industrial estate. Moreover, two power plants at the estate will begin their commercial operations in either September or October for immediate revenue recognition. S Angthong, in addition, now offers special promotions to SMEs.


Mrs. Thitima Rungkwansiriroj, Chief Executive Officer at Singha Estate Public Company Limited or ‘S’, reveals that after Singha Estate expanded its presence into the Industrial Estate and Infrastructure Business unit, it has recently launched S Angthong. Today, site preparations and system work for the eco-industrial estate are already more than 90% complete. While under development, S Angthong has attracted the interest of many companies as their representatives have turned up to inspect its site. Two power plants at S Angthong will start their commercial operations in late Q3/2023 and are expected to immediately recognize revenue from their operations. In collaboration with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (I-EA-T), S Angthong will open an I-EA-T One-Stop-Service Center to comprehensively support its operations as an industrial estate in September.

S Angthong is developed as an eco-industrial estate for agriculture, food and related businesses or positioned as an eco-industrial estate for Eco Factory & Green industry. Guided by Singha Estate’s vision of sustainable diversity, S Angthong focuses on sustainable growth by promoting green industry, empowering communities and society, and nurturing the circular economy.

In its first phase, the construction of main and secondary roads as well as the water-drainage system was fully completed. S Angthong is now in its second phase, which will be completed in the current quarter. Floodwalls around its compound rank among key highlights, as Singha Estate recognizes the utmost importance of flood prevention. Presently, floodwalls around the S Angthong are 10.5 meters tall from the mean sea level. Not only that drainage systems and floodwalls comply with the I-EA-T’s specifications and guidance, but they also respond to hydrographic studies on climate change with the important goal of efficiently preventing floods without affecting neighboring communities.

Regarding the waterworks system and wastewater treatment system, their construction has already been completed. The waterworks system has the capacity to produce up to 9,800 cubic meters of water each day. Using Ultra-Filtration Water Treatment Process, it can remove particles smaller than 0.1 micron and thus delivers clean high-quality water for the food industry. Moreover, S Angthong includes a reservoir that can hold 6.12 million cubic meters of water. Enterprises in its compound therefore will enjoy an adequate supply of water. At S Angthong, the wastewater treatment system deploys Activated Sludge and has the daily capacity to treat 6,610.9 cubic meters of water. The system includes two big cesspools with the daily capacity to hold over 13,000 cubic meters of water. Its sediment management system complies with the Ministry of Industry’s requirements.

Constructions for B.Grimm Power (Angthong) 2 and 3 power plants, which are located inside S Angthong, span over 77 rai of land. They are already more than 80% complete. Their commercial operation date is scheduled for early Q4/2023. With a maximum capacity of 280 megawatts, they are set to recognize revenue immediately after the start of their operations. These two co-generation power plants are environmentally friendly. Their choice of fuel, natural gas, has several benefits. It efficiently supports high production capacity, allows implementation flexibility, and causes low pollution levels. The two power plants will help curb greenhouse gas emissions because their electricity production will achieve low carbon emissions, which is made possible by modern technologies and innovations. Thanks to their efficiency, enterprises at S Angthong will also enjoy a lower electricity cost – about 3% lower than the normal rate.

Mrs. Thitima adds that while Ang Thong Province itself sits in a good location, S Angthong is strategically located in the province. It sits between the sources of raw materials and main transportation routes. Designed to fully empower entrepreneurs for their business growth, deliver sustainable value to society, and upgrade communities’ quality of life, S Angthong is well poised to support Thailand’s Eco Factory & Green Industry via its role as an eco-industrial estate.

Special promotions are now available for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). During the three-month pre-sale period (July – September 2023), they can purchase any land plot at a special price. An extra discount will also be given if they purchase as a group. One-stop services will be provided too, to facilitate their request for licenses and factory-construction permits. In addition, they will get promotional spaces for presenting their products alongside those of S Angthong’s other customers. Moreover, they will be eligible to join S Angthong’s events such as exhibitions, seminars, functions held in collaboration with government agencies, and community activities. *Singha Estate’s conditions apply.