Mixed Asia Pacific Market after Japan Numbers, US GDP and China PMI

On Thursday (31 Aug) morning, the Asia Pacific major indices were mixed after last night critical published numbers such as the slightly lower than expected  of US QoQ GDP at 2.1%, the almost no change on Germany CPI at 6.1% YoY as well as unchanged of China PMIs with Composite/Manufacturing/Non-Manufacturing are 51.3/49.7/51.0 respectively.

Despite the negative 2% of MoM Japan Industrial Production, the better than expected of 6.8% YoY Retail Sales pushed NIKKEI up as the leading index this morning with almost 0.6% gain over 32,5000, along with 0.5% gain on Hong Kong HSI over 18,570. Meanwhile, South Korea KOSPI got the most loss at 0.4%, plunging under 2,550, followed by Taiwan TWII with 0.3% loss, moving the index under 16,670.

On the other hand, US Futures mostly remained unchanged except the Dollar Index (DXY) lowering to 103 while JPY/USD strengthen by 0.2% to 0.6876. S&P 500 still over 4,500 and NASDAQ also remained higher than 15,500. The stabilized market for a few days plunging the Volatility Index (VIX) dropped to 15.3 after it’s over 16 last week. The commodities like Gold also remained over $1,970 per Troy Ounce and WTI crude oil maintained at $81.5 per barrel.