CWT Signs New PPA for 6MW Waste-to-Energy Project

CWT has announced the signing of a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the project to construct and manage the solid waste to produce fuel (RDF) and energy production project. Electricity from waste fuel of Kamalasai Subdistrict Municipality Kalasin Province (KRR).


The project is operated under Kalasin Rungruang Bio Power 2012 Company Limited (KRR), an indirect subsidiary Held by Chai Wattana Green Company Limited (CWTG), a subsidiary of the Company in the proportion of 75 percent.


The project will dispose of waste and produce electricity produced from solid waste fuel (RDF) with a capacity of 6 MW and sell electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) with a capacity of 5 MW.


KRR has signed an agreement with Kamalasai Subdistrict Municipality on March 24, 2023 and signed an electricity sales contract with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) on August 31, 2023. The revenue expected to generate in 2025.


The project duration is 25 years and there is a support period from PEA of 20 years. It is scheduled to supply electricity into the commercial system (SCOD) in 2025 – 2026 with a power purchase rate (FiT) of 5.08 baht/unit and a premium of 0.70 baht/unit in 8 years.