‘MAGURO’ Files for 34-Million-Shares IPO

Maguro Group Public Company Limited or “MAGURO” submitted the filing for raising funds on Thai alternative stock exchange, mai, to offer IPO of not exceeding 34,060,200 shares.

MAGURO is preparing to expand restaurant branches of various brands and develop the management system with Jay Capital Advisory Co., Ltd. as the financial advisor.


Mr. Chakkrit Saisomboon, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Maguro Group Public Company Limited, the leader in premium Japanese and Korean style restaurants and mass, said that the company was founded in 2015 to operate the brands under the concept “Give More Culture”, and has been continuously expanding its business since then.

Currently there is There are three brands within the chain:

  1. Sushi and Japanese food restaurants “MAGURO”.
  2. Premium Korean grill “SSAMTHING (Something) TOGETHER”.
  3. Economical traditional Japanese style Shabu and Sukiyaki ” HITORI SHABU”.

There’re 21 branches in Bangkok and the surrounding area, with 12 branches of MAGURO, 5 branches of SSAMTHING TOGETHER and 4 branches of HITORI SHABU.


Furthermore, there is also an off-site catering business “MAGURO CATERING” in the form of event catering and office lunchbox and direct food delivery service under the name “MAGURO GO”, the platform provides premium Japanese food delivery services at the same price and quality as the restaurants.

Mr. Ekarerk Saengseridamrong, Co-Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Maguro Group Public Company Limited said, “The company has continuously high operating results.”


In the past year 2021 – 2022, the company had total income of 387.61 million baht and 665.85 million baht. baht, respectively, an increase of 71.78% and a net profit of 9.57 million baht and 31.36 million baht, respectively, growing as high as 227.69%.

For the first six months of 2022 and 2023, the company has total income of 274.28 million baht and 501.20 million baht, respectively, increased by 82.73% with net profits of 8.02 million baht and 39.72 million baht, respectively, an increase of 395.26%.


Currently, “MAGURO” has a registered capital of 63.00 million baht, divided into 126,000,000 common shares with a par value of 0.50 baht per share with paid-up registered capital of 52.27 million baht, divided into 104,539,800 common shares.

MAGURO will offer common shares to the general public for the first time (IPO) at the amount not exceeding 34,060,200 shares or 27.03% of the company’s all common share.