Asia Pacific Markets Mostly Rise after a Slowdown Yesterday

Asia Pacific major indices climbed on Wednesday morning (8 Nov, 9:30 AM, GMT+7, Bangkok time), as it is back to its rally after a showdown yesterday.


Japan’s NIKKEI climbed by 0.34% to 32,380.89. South Korea’s KOSPI slid by 0.23% to 2,438.28, and Australia’s ASX 200 edged up by 0.16% to 6,988.1.

As for stocks in China, Shanghai’s SSEC edged up by 0.09% to 3,060.05. Hong Kong’s HSI climbed by 0.37% to 17,736.27, and Shenzhen’s SZI rose by 0.35% to 10,092.03.


Meanwhile, last night US markets continued their rising. ADBE rose almost 3.5% while energy stocks fell as energy prices dropped.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) climbed by 0.17% to 34,152.6. NASDAQ rose by 0.9% to 13,639.86 and S&P 500 edged up by 0.28% to 4,378.38. On the other hand, VIX is starting to stabilize as it edged down by 0.54% to 14.81.


As for commodities futures, the oil prices fell sharply despite the Israel-Hamas situation intensifying. Brent settled a lot lower by 4.2% to $81.61 per barrel, while the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) also dropped by 4.3% to $77.37 a barrel.

The commodities market seems unchanged this morning, as Brent edged up by 0.2% to $81.77 a barrel and WTI stood unchanged at $77.37 per barrel as well. Moreover, the gold futures edged up by 0.16% to $1,976.6 per Troy ounce.