Asia Pacific Markets Trade Mixed as Wall Street Rallies before Thanksgiving

On Thursday morning (23 Nov, 9:30 AM, GMT+7, Bangkok time), Asia Pacific major stock indices traded mixed. Meanwhile, the US market rallied across the board just before Thanksgiving holiday. The US weekly initial jobless claims might possibly have contributed to the rally, as it was published at 209k claims, lower than the expectation of 225k claims and the previous of 233k claims.


Japan’s NIKKEI went up by 0.29% to 33,451.83. South Korea’s KOSPI climbed by 0.25% to 2,517.92, and Australia’s ASX 200 fell by 0.35% to 7,048.9.

As for Chinese indices, Shanghai’s SSEC slightly edged up by 0.06% to 3,045.44. Hong Kong’s HSI slid by 0.21% to 17,697.74, and Shenzhen’s SZI slightly gained by 0.14% to 9,868.93.


As for last night US markets, the holiday rally was led by EBAY with over 3% gain, along with AMD and HPQ that had slightly lesser percentages. However, few stocks saw a significant drop as ADSK crashed by almost 7%, while TSLA and DE also dropped by around 3%.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) gained by 0.53% to 35,273.03. NASDAQ went up by 0.46% to 14,265.86 and S&P 500 rose by 0.41% to 4,556.62. On the other hand, VIX further dropped by 3.75% to 12.85 as the US markets rose.


As for commodities futures, last night oil prices fell by 5% after oil producer countries delayed the OPEC meeting until next Thursday, altogether with the very high weekly crude oil inventories at 8.701 million barrels, almost eight times the expectation and more than double of the previous week, which indicated the low demand on energy commodities.


However, the oil price recovered before the settlements. Brent settled lower by 0.59% to $81.96 per barrel. Meanwhile, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) followed with a 0.86% drop to $77.10 a barrel.

As for this morning, Brent dropped by 1.27% to $80.29 a barrel and WTI followed with a 1.18% drop at $76.19 per barrel. Furthermore, the gold futures edged up by 0.10% to $1,994.7 per Troy ounce.