INTUCH and DELTA Survive SET50 Deletion as TIDLOR Falls and KCE Enters

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) announces the results of the semi-annual SET index review for SET50 and SET100 indices for the period of the first half of 2024 (January 2 – June 30, 2024).


KCE Electronics Pcl (KCE) will be added as index constituents SET50, while Ngern Tid Lor Pcl (TIDLOR) will be removed from the constituents.


As for SET100 Index, 10 securities consisting of Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Pcl (AEONTS), Ichitan Group Pcl (ICHI), I-Tail Corporation Pcl (ITC), MK Restaurant Group Pcl (M), Moshi Moshi Retail Corporation Pcl (MOSHI), R&B Food Supply Pcl (RBF), Sappe Pcl (SAPPE), SISB Pcl (SISB), Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Pcl (TKN), TOA Paint (Thailand) Pcl (TOA) will be added as index constituents.

Meanwhile, Absolute Clean Energy Pcl (ACE), CK Power Pcl (CKP), MBK Pcl (MBK), Precious Shipping Lines Pcl (PSL), Sabuy Technology Pcl (SABUY), PTG  Energy Pcl (PTG), Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Pcl (STEC), Ratchthani Leasing Pcl (THANI), Dhipaya Group Holdings Pcl (TIPH), TQM Alpha Pcl (TQM) were removed from the SET100 Index.


Intouch Holdings Pcl (INTUCH) and Delta Electronics (Thailand) (DELTA) were the two securities in the SET50 Index that remained in the constituents following wide speculations earlier that they will be removed.