“KH Academy” Joins with 3 Partners to Launch “Finance-Investment” Course

B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited (SET: BGRIM), Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC), and PrimeStreet Advisory (Thailand) Company Limited, joined BW WISDOM Company Limited to establish “KH Academy,” as a learning center for developing and preparing personnels in the field of finance and investment, as well as general public, without charging tuition fees from participants.

Mr. Burapha Sanguanwong, Acting Director of BW WISDOM Company Limited, stated that KH Academy opened the KH Preps course, which focuses on developing higher education youths in 2nd to 4th year from various universities into personnels in the field of finance and investment. The course will develop the fundamental knowledge in the role of each field, and prepare learners to establish their visions before entering the career path.

The course will also prepare learners to take the license examination and explain the registration procedure as specified by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The course is separated into 3 programs, in which each program contains 40 students per 2 generations per year, as follows:

  1. Prep for Financial Advisor, the preparation course for financial advisor career, with the cooperation from Asset Pro Management Company Limited (APM) to attend as the lecturer for students in the program.
  2. Prep for Fund Manager, the preparation course for fund manager career, with the cooperation from SCB Asset Management Company Limited (SCBAM) and Metha Asset Management Company Limited to attend as the lecturer for students in the program.
  3. Prep for Investment Analyst, the preparation course for securities analyst career, with the cooperation from securities analysts from leading securities companies, including Asia Plus Securities Company Limited, InnovestX Securities Company Limited, Krungsri Capital Securities Public Company Limited (KCS), and Liberator Securities Company Limited to attend as the lecturer for students in the program.


In addition, during the period between June – August 2024, “KH Academy” is set to launch the KH Camp for Next C-Suite, an 8-week summer intern camp for every university student who studies in Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Law from Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University. The project is accompanied by the leading alliance companies, with the aim for the participating students  to be given more experiences and knowledge than any other internship elsewhere.

“KH Academy” has also collaborated with 4 leading legal consulting companies in Thailand, including Kudun and Partners Company Limited, TTT & Partners Company Limited, Herbert Smith Freehills (Thailand) Limited, and DFDL (Thailand) Company Limited to open KH Legal Aid as a legal service center regarding conflicts relating to benefit contracts, such as inheritance, insurance policy, partnership agreement, business partner, tenant partner, employer-employee, and creditor-debtor, and offer service regarding an establishment of commercial body to the general public, without charging any fees. The service is set to be given once a week, and is set to launch in February 2024.

Mr. Burapha stated that every activity that is run by KH Academy, either KH Preps, KH Camp for Next C-Suite, or KH Legal Aid, does not strive for profitability. They are operated in accordance with the company’s obligation, which aims to promote the quality of education and drive the society by developing and preparing youths who are interested in the finance and investment career, as well as to open the legal service center for the general public, as the company joined with alliances from private sector, government sector, and educational institutes to arrange various activities. The company is confident that participants will obtain knowledge and experiences that can be used to further develop or can be applied to ease up conflicts.

As a result, the Prep for Financial Advisor program has already been full with 40 students and has already started the lecture on 16 January 2024. The Prep for Fund Manager and Prep for Investment Analyst programs are still open for enrollment. Students who are interested in joining the lecture can register via Academy.kaohoon.com until the quotas are full. Each program only accepts 40 students and will start lecturing during February – April 2024.