BMA Reports Progress on Settling THB23 Billion of E&M Debt with BTS

Chadchart Sittipunt, Bangkok Governor, stated that the Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC) had approved the resolution regarding the payment of THB 23,488 million from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to pay its debt for the extension of the BTS Green Line and that the matter would be announced via the government gazette.

The details of the transaction and payment will be discussed under the resolution of the committee to reduce the expenses from the prolonged process. The administration was in the process of discussion with KT and private sectors, while the progression is expected to be recognized in 1-2 weeks.

Meanwhile, BMA will simultaneously process to inform the Minister of Interior regarding the complete resolution from the BMC to pay its debt on the Electrical and Mechanical Contract (E&M). Moreover, BMA will proceed to send feedback regarding the supporting fund to the Ministry of Interior.

Chadchart added that regarding the local administration organization, Pattaya and the assembly came to request the partly incomplete refund money from the government’s 50% taxes reduction measure on land and the building. The money will be given back to the communities, while the governor stated that the process will not be easy.