TKN Reports 70% Profit Growth in 2023 from 3GO Strategies

Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Public Company Limited (SET: TKN) has announced its 2023 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows;

Year 2023 2022
Net Profit (Loss)

Million Baht

743.01 434.74
Earning Per Share


0.5400 0.3100
% Change 70.91


TKN reported a net profit of 743.0 million Baht, an increase of 70.91% compared to last year, mainly caused by the policy on business management via the 3GO strategies (Go Firm, Go Broad, Go Global), and the commitment of our personnel to continuously implement the 3GO strategies in the business administration and management throughout the entire year.

The company has revenue from sales in the year 2023 in the total amount of 5,323.4 million Baht, increased by 21.9% or 957 million Baht from the same period of the previous year. The company’s sales growth remained strong and continued for the second year from 2021, with the sales growth representing 20.9% after the declining COVID-19 situations, and generating the highest net profit over the past 6 years.

In 2023, the company had gross profit in the total amount of 1,814.7 million Baht, representing the ratio of gross profits to sales revenue at 34.1% of revenue from sales. The ratio of gross profits to sales revenue has increased by 5.3% from the same period of the previous year.

In addition, TKN announced a dividend payment of THB 0.15 per share to be paid on 7 May 2024. The ex-dividend date is 7 March 2024.