Thai Stock Exchange Vows Compensation for Error in Removing ‘SP’ Sign

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has said that there was an error in the trading system on Monday, March 4, 2024, that mistakenly removed suspended securities from its restriction and led to a matching of around six million baht in value.

The Thai stock market replied to the question asked by Kaohoon’s reporter on the unconfirmed rumor of systematic error on Monday that removed the ‘suspend’ restrictions on several stocks in the bourse, which later led to a brief trading session before the Exchange put them on restriction again.

An officer in the Thai stock exchange admitted to Kaohoon that it was the error from the Exchange with the Nasdaq trading system that it had been using since May 2023. The Exchange initially want to remove a suspension on Power Line Engineering Public Company Limited (SET: PLE) and PLE-F, but the system made an error and remove all suspensions on other securities, including JKN Global Group Public Company Limited (SET: JKN), Millcon Steel Public Company Limited (SET: MILL) and MILL-W7.

In a brief 25 minutes of this error, there are transactions on the aforementioned securities of around six million baht that the Thai Exchange said that had already been cancelled and is in a process on connecting to related parties for compensation.

The Thai stock exchange reassured that the same mistake will not occur again.