TANACHIRA Group Expands into China with Subsidiary HARNN Greater China

TANACHIRA Group, led by Mr. Tanapong Chirapanidchakul, Chief Executive Officer, signed an agreement to establish a subsidiary HARNN Greater China Company Limited in partnership with Chinese business partners to expand business and distribute HARNN products in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in accordance with the 2024 strategic plan announced earlier this year.

The establishment of the subsidiary marks a significant step forward for HARNN’s operations in China, following its successful online marketing journey through Tmall Global since 2020. HARNN’s products have consistently resonated with Chinese consumers, paving the way for this expansion into offline distribution channels. The strategic partnership with experienced Chinese business partners will enable HARNN to effectively tap into the provincial agent network across China. The company will grant exclusive distribution rights for each province, ensuring that products are disseminated by market experts in their respective regions. This network of knowledgeable distributors, equipped with brand-building and marketing expertise, will facilitate direct access of products to consumers.

Driven by strong product demand, a huge market, experienced business partners, and TANACHIRA Group’s expertise, HARNN is well-positioned for success in China. The company is aiming to achieve a 25% oversea revenue share within the next three years, with China playing a pivotal role in achieving this ambitious goal.

The company is also set to send its first offline shipment of HARNN products to China in the third quarter of 2024, followed by the opening of the first HARNN Flagship Store in Hangzhou in the same quarter. These milestones mark a crucial step in TANACHIRA Group’s efforts to drive the business towards regional expansion and establish HARNN as a globally recognized brand.