SCBX Unveils New Investment Opportunity in the Public Offering of 4-Year Debentures

  • The highest credit rating among private firms at ‘AA+(tha)’ Level*

SCB X Public Company Limited (SCBX), a leading financial technology group in Thailand, is launching its public offering (PO) debentures in June 2024. The name-registered, unsubordinated and unsecured instruments come with a debentureholders’ representative. The 4-year debentures carry a fixed annual interest rate of 3.10%, payable semi-annually. The minimum subscription amount is 1,000 baht, with increments of 1,000 baht thereafter.

Notably, SCBX holds an impressive credit rating of ‘AA+(tha)’ with a ‘stable’ outlook, as well as an issue rating of ‘AA+(tha)’ by Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as of May 10, 2024. Such a high rating reflects SCBX’s robust financial strength and signifies a relatively low-risk investment providing stable returns.

The subscription for individual investors will be conducted entirely through digital channel from June 14 to June 20, 2024. The end-to-end digital approach aims to streamline the process and enhance convenience.


Mr. Arthid Nanthawithaya, Chief Executive Officer of SCB X Public Company Limited (SCBX), said “The company places great importance on leveraging technology to democratize investment opportunities for Thais. The offering of the second issue of SCBX debentures in 2024 marks another opportunity for general investors to access high quality debentures with fixed and attractive returns and low risk amid volatile capital markets. SCBX’s debentures have been assigned a ‘AA+(tha)’ credit rating by Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited, the highest credit rating for corporate public offering issued from early 2023 to present (as of May 30, 2024). The remarkable rating reflects SCBX’s robust financial strength, prudent risk management framework, and creditworthiness equivalent to The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited.”

For this debenture offering, the company still strongly emphasizes on leveraging technology through end-to-end digital process, from subscription to scripless deposit, via the SCB EASY application. This application consolidates all necessary features on one convenient platform, enhancing efficiency and convenience for investors while delivering cost saving and attractive returns. Furthermore, SCBX is establishing the SCBX Debenture Club, an exclusive community for its debentureholders. The club will provide members with investment-related news and insights, trends in future world cutting-edge technologies, as well as a range of engaging educational activities.

“The principal objective of the issuance of these debentures is to unlock capital raising potential of SCBX, enabling the expansion and development of the SCBX Group’s business operations. This will enable our organization to advance towards becoming a leading financial technology group in the region. We focus on enhancing our competitive capabilities and drive long-term business value for the entire group. Furthermore, we are confident that SCBX debentures will present investors with an additional low risk rated instrument that delivers fixed yield over the duration of the investment period.”, concluded Mr. Arthid.