Kaohoon Morning Brief – 12 June 2024

CGS International Securities (Thailand) predicts that Thailand’s SET Index will fluctuate between 1,310 and 1,335 points. They advise investors to keep an eye on the central bank’s rate decision, expected to remain stable at 2.50%. Additionally, there are upcoming court rulings regarding the potential dissolution of the Move Forward Party.

In the US, the Federal Reserve is anticipated to maintain interest rates at 5.25-5.50% during the June meeting, with inflation data set to be disclosed on the same day.

Despite the stock valuation being relatively low at a 3.5-year low, the analyst suggests investors adopt a wait-and-see approach due to lingering political uncertainties. They foresee these concerns putting pressure on the market for the following two to three months.


Apple stocks surged to a record high on Tuesday, experiencing their most significant daily percentage increase since late 2022. Wall Street responded positively to the tech giant’s unveiling of its long-anticipated plans for generative artificial intelligence (AI).

During regular trading hours, Apple shares climbed over 7% to $207, marking a $14 increase from the previous closing price and surpassing the $200 milestone for the first time, accounting for stock splits.

The stock’s rally followed Apple’s recent introduction of various AI capabilities set to debut on iPhone and other devices later in the year. Among the notable features is the incorporation of OpenAI’s popular generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, directly into iPhone applications.


According to sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg News reported that the Biden administration is contemplating implementing additional constraints on China’s access to chip technology used for artificial intelligence (AI).

The proposed measures would potentially restrict China’s utilization of the advanced chip architecture known as gate all-around (GAA). GAA is a transistor architecture that enhances chip performance and decreases power consumption.

In an effort to limit Beijing’s access to cutting-edge AI chips, including those crafted by industry leader Nvidia, the United States has been strengthening trade restrictions. The concerns revolve around apprehensions that China could exploit the technology for military enhancement.