InnovestX Partners with TradingView to Introduce a Groundbreaking Experience, Unveiling ‘InnovestX WebTrade’

InnovestX Securities, the investment flagship of SCBX Group, has teamed up with TradingView, a global leader in charting and technical analysis platforms, to offer a groundbreaking investment experience. For the first time in Thailand, investors can now trade TFEX and Thai stocks directly on TradingView’s charts using their InnovestX accounts, with real-time pricing and no additional fees. This integration allows investors to view charts, use indicators for analysis, and place trades instantly through TradingView’s website and app. Furthermore, investors can set up Webhook Alerts on TradingView to automate trading orders via their InnovestX accounts (for stocks on SET and derivatives on TFEX, available to customers subscribed to the Essential plan and above). In addition to this collaboration, InnovestX is launching ‘InnovestX WebTrade,’ a new website specifically designed for active traders. InnovestX WebTrade is an expansive investment universe featuring three main benefits: 1) Access to essential trading information all in one place, 2) Ability to trade across all asset classes, and 3) Automated execution of strategies for an enhanced trading experience. This seamless investment platform ensures that traders never miss an opportunity, capturing every market signal.

Mr. Pichai Lertsupongkit, Chief Commercial Officer of InnovestX Securities, stated, “InnovestX is dedicated to continuously developing innovative investment products and services, aiming to create a comprehensive and efficient investment ecosystem. According to data from the Stock Exchange of Thailand, one in three new investors chose to open investment accounts with InnovestX Securities, securing a 34% share of new account openings in 2023. In the first quarter of 2024, we saw a 159% increase in new account openings compared to the first quarter of 2023. Currently, InnovestX boasts a base of over 950,000 investors. Our ongoing collaboration with TradingView allows investors to trade Thai stocks on the TradingView platform through their InnovestX accounts, which has been met with excellent feedback. Building on this success, we are expanding this capability to include TFEX trading on TradingView as well. This development enhances investment opportunities, ensuring investors do not miss profitable moments even as the Thai stock market remains in a sideways trend.”

“The key benefit for investors trading TFEX and Thai stocks directly on TradingView, a platform used by traders globally, is the ability to view real-time price charts for investment analysis. Investors can utilize indicators and never miss investment signals thanks to alerts based on preset price conditions and indicators. Orders for trading Thai stocks and TFEX can be executed directly on the chart, enhancing the seamless trading experience. This service is accessible via both the TradingView website and app, ensuring that investors can access investment information anytime, anywhere with synchronized data across all channels.”

“Simultaneously, InnovestX is launching a new service called “InnovestX WebTrade.” This website is developed to serve as a comprehensive investment ecosystem, acting as a universe of opportunities for active traders. It boasts three main features: 1) Easy access to essential trading information in one place, 2) The ability to trade across all asset classes, and 3) Automated execution of strategies. Investors can start using the platform today at We are also open to receiving feedback and suggestions from all investors through all InnovestX communication channels, aiming to continuously improve our services to meet investor needs and elevate the investment experience,” Mr. Pichai concluded.

Mr. Rauan Khassan, Vice President of International Growth at TradingView, stated, “Following the launch of our collaboration with InnovestX at the end of 2023, which garnered significant interest from Thai investors, InnovestX was awarded the Best Stock Broker 2023 by TradingView, based on user votes on our platform. This reflects the positive reception from Thai investors. With this extended collaboration, we hope to provide Thai investors with greater investment opportunities, access to comprehensive tools and information, and the ability to view trading ideas and strategies shared by the global community. Additionally, investors can create their own investment strategies using scripts on our user-friendly platform, enhancing trading efficiency and increasing the likelihood of trading success.”

3 Key Features of InnovestX WebTrade

  1. Comprehensive Trading Information in One Place: InnovestX WebTrade provides all essential trading information in an easy-to-use interface, offering ideas and insights in one location. It summarizes the market movement of various assets, including stocks, bonds, and commodities, in a single view. Investors can closely monitor the price movements of their interested stocks, with detailed tracking of smart money flows. The platform also displays bid and offer prices in a user-friendly chart format, allowing investors to easily see buying and selling pressures at each price point. This feature assists in strategy formulation and precise decision-making.
  2. Trade Across All Asset Classes: InnovestX WebTrade allows seamless trading of all asset classes, connecting with all major platforms. With just one login on a single website, investors can trade various assets. This includes trading TFEX and Thai stocks through TradingView and Streaming, as well as investing in international stocks across 23 countries and 31 markets, including digital assets.
  3. Automated Execution According to Desired Strategies: InnovestX WebTrade allows for automated execution of trading strategies. Investors can set Webhook Alerts on TradingView to send automatic trading orders through their InnovestX (for stocks on SET and derivatives on TFEX, available to customers subscribed to the Essential plan and above). InnovestX WebTrade also supports automated trading of Thai stocks and TFEX via the Settrade Open API, as well as digital assets, enabling real-time automated trading with API integration.

InnovestX rolls out 2 special promotions to welcome investors.

Promotion 1: Upon opening a Futures Trading Account (TFEX) with InnovestX from June 13 to August 31, 2024, investors will receive SCBGOLDH fund units worth 100 Baht*.

Promotion 2: Customers who have never traded Thai stocks or TFEX through TradingView before June 13, 2024, and have invested in Thai stocks or TFEX through TradingView from June 13 to August 31, 2024, will receive commission refunds in SCBGOLDH funds (for Thai stocks, up to a maximum trading value of 100,000 Baht, and for TFEX, limited to the first 2 contracts*).