VERSO International School Announces the Graduation of Its First Cohort

VERSO International School celebrated a milestone on June 14th, 2024, with its first graduation ceremony for seven Grade 12 (Mattayom 6) students. The graduates are Prim Pingkarawat, Plaifa Kyoka Shodladd, Achiraya Limpanich, Yi Rui (Selina) Huang, Norawich (Pan Pan) Chamruspollert, Sarankon (Pu)  Payungwataseth, and Moe Moe Lwin.

Distinguished guests included Ms. Tida Srichiraratana, Senior Vice President, Office of the Chief Executive Officer, BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited along with Mr. Kumpol Ruaypom, Chairman of the Executive Committee, VERSO, Ms. Charmian Liang, Executive Committee Representative, VERSO, Mr. Chester Liang, Acting Chief of Operations, VERSO, Ms. Tanyalak Srisawat, Head of Thai and Thai Principal, Mr. Ryan Persaud, Head of School, and Mr. Jarret Voytilla, Upper Loop Leader, VERSO.

Mr. Persaud, VERSO’s Head of School, highlighted the school’s journey since opening four years ago. He praised the graduates’ achievements, noting their acceptance into 50 leading universities worldwide. This success reflects the students’ dedication and VERSO’s commitment to offering quality, creative curricula.

VERSO’s educational approach goes beyond academics, focusing on developing life skills and social integration. The school aims to empower students to think boldly, act decisively, and express themselves confidently. These skills prepare graduates for their future roles as “Citizen Designers,” equipped to contribute positively to the world.

This inaugural graduation marks a significant achievement for VERSO International School, showcasing the success of its educational philosophy and the promising future of its graduates.

VERSO International School follows an American curriculum aligned with New York State educational standards, using an interdisciplinary approach. The school employs Project-Based Learning, tailoring education to students’ interests while integrating knowledge across subjects. Key features of VERSO’s educational model include multidisciplinary learning with mixed-age group activities, opportunities for students to consult with Learning Designers (teachers), incorporation of future-ready skills and Design Thinking in project processes, and a capstone project (VERTEX) for Grade 12 students, showcasing their cumulative skills and knowledge to the public.

VERSO’s state-of-the-art facilities complement its curriculum, fostering collaboration and enhancing educational quality. The campus boasts open-space classrooms, a Black Box Theater studio, dance and music rooms, a 50-meter indoor Olympic-standard swimming pool, a large gymnasium and fitness center, a hybrid synthetic grass sports field, a stadium, and a basketball court, among many other facilities.

This combination of innovative curriculum and modern facilities creates a unique learning environment that prepares students for future challenges and opportunities.

Prim Pingkarawat highlighted VERSO’s unique approach to teaching analytical thinking, aligning with students’ goals. She will be continuing her studies in environmental science at Boston University in the United States, as she has a particular interest in this field. For her graduation project, she worked on a project to help a marine species believed to be extinct, the Neptune’s Cup Sponge, which is still found in abundance in Pattaya.

Plaifa Kyoka Shodladd, a BTS Group Ambassador Scholarship recipient, is postponing university to focus on activism, particularly for the Marriage Equality Act. She is delighted that this act has been approved by the Senate, making Thailand the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Achiraya (Peachy) Limpanich praised VERSO’s supportive teachers who encourage students in every aspect, encouraging them to experiment, learn, and take action. When mistakes are made, students can start over with guidance on the correct methods, she shared. For her graduation project, she focused on photography because she enjoys conveying her thoughts in a way that others can easily understand. She has been accepted at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in the United States.

Yi Rui (Selina) Huang has been accepted to the University of Toronto, Canada, to study psychology and health studies. She has a particular interest in this field because many people she knows have experienced mental health issues, and some are unable to help themselves. For her graduation project, she collaborated with universities in Australia and Chulalongkorn University to create and develop the Diverse Minds toolkit to help individuals with mental health problems. She shared that VERSO supported and encouraged her in developing the skills and mindset necessary to create this project.

Norawich (Pan Pan) Chamruspollert appreciated VERSO’s emphasis on passion-driven projects and readily available teacher guidance. He plans to study music in the UK, building on his collaborations with artists and is confident that he will be able to grow and learn more on his musical journey.

Sarankon (Pu) Payungwataseth credited VERSO for developing his confidence in public communication through his role as a VERSO Ambassador. This skill proved valuable in presenting his art exhibition project to various people such as the media, parents, and experts at venues like the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, where his work has received positive feedback from both Thai and international audiences.

Moe Moe Lwin emphasized VERSO’s focus on teamwork, leadership, and practical skill application. Every skill learned here helps students achieve project goals effectively, not just in a general sense, but through deep understanding and genuine engagement in projects. She explained. Such opportunities are rare in other schools. Her Fast Fashion art exhibition at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre addressed global resource consumption issues, and rapid collection turnover despite these garments being versatile enough for mixing and matching. This opportunity is just one example that exemplifies the school’s approach to engaging with real-world problems.