Market Roundup 4 July 2024

Thailand’s SET Index closed at 1,301.04 points, increased 6.34 points or 0.49% with a trading value of 29.67 billion baht. The analyst stated that the Thai stock market increased and was in line with the regional market, following the slowdown of economic data from the US, which caused markets around the world to weigh more on Fed rate cuts in September. The Thai market was also supported by the rise of electronic components, bank, and retail stocks.

The analyst expected the market to stand strong above 1,300 points, while investors monitored the announcement of inflation figures and the development of the political situation in the country.


China is facing a shrinking population, a demographic trend that is expected to have negative repercussions on its economy, labor force, and fiscal policy.

Analysts predict that the working-age population in China will decline significantly over the next decade, leading to a 1% drag on GDP growth each year. The aging population is already putting strain on fiscal resources, with estimates suggesting that raising the retirement age could help alleviate some of the financial pressure.


BOT Governor Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput stated that although Thailand’s economic recovery is progressing slowly and growth has not yet reached its full potential, there is currently no immediate requirement to reduce interest rates.

Sethaput mentioned that the existing interest rate level is appropriate for supporting economic recovery and maintaining anchored inflation expectations within the target range.


India has urged power companies to procure equipment worth $33 billion this year to accelerate the expansion of coal-fired power capacity in the coming years, amidst the nation’s challenges in meeting the surging demand for electricity.

This move will involve major power entities like NTPC, SJVN, Adani Power, and Essar Power, resulting in a historical level of tendering for equipment.