Taiwan Says It Looks Forward to Produce “Democracy Chips” with US

On Thursday, Taiwan stated that it was looking forward to producing “democracy chips” with the United States.

President Tsai Ing-wen told U.S. state of Arizona, Doug Ducey, the latest in a string of senior officials to visit the island, that it is a reliable friend as a global chip crunch impacts auto production and consumer electronics.

At the meeting in the presidential office in Taipei, the president said that Taiwan seeks to bolster cooperation with the United States in the semiconductor and other high-tech

“We look forward to jointly producing democracy chips to safeguard the interests of our democratic partners and create greater prosperity,” Tsai Ing-wen said.

The Republican Governor, Doug Ducey, told president Tsai Ing-wen that their partnership was “the greatest” in the semiconductor industry. However, China claims the island of Taiwan as its territory despite the strong objections from Taipei, which has its own democratically elected government.