Thailand’s New Chapter Is Set to Begin with ‘Pheu Thai’ as New Leading Party

Pheu Thai Party’s candidate Mr. Srettha Thavisin has been elected by the parliament to become Thailand’s 30th prime minister after three months of political vacuum.

As of 17:00 BKK time on Tuesday, Mr. Thavisin acquired 425 voting approvals from the parliament and counting, including MPs and senate, which is above the required minimum of 374 votes.

Unlike the previous voting session last month, led by Mr. Pita Limjaroenrat was the top candidate from the Move Forward Party and backed by Pheu Thai, which failed to receive voting favour from senators.

The Pheu Thai Party then switched to team up with former government parties, including Bhumjaithai Party, Palang Pracharath Party, United Thai Nation Party and other political parties that failed to form a coalition government with Move Forward also joined the Pheu Thai coalition as well. Meanwhile, the Move Forward Party was not included in this new coalition government due to the difference in political views.