Hungary Refuses Ukraine Financial Aid amid Approval of Other EU Members

European Union leaders agreed to commence the talks with Ukraine regarding EU membership accession, while facing obstacles as Hungary refused to pass the 50 billion euro financial aid for the country at war.

Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister, rejected the package of financial aid for Ukraine, while pointing that the budget should be spent on other priorities such as managing migration in the EU. He demonstrated that as Ukraine is not part of the European Union, it should not get excessive money from the budget.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz got Orban to leave the room as the talks on the financial package ended. The financial package deal requires all 27 EU leaders to agree unanimously, while 26 out of the EU’s 27 members concurred with the budget proposal.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated that he is confident that the deal can be done in January next year.

In addition, EU leaders also indicated the possibility of accession talks with Moldova, Georgia, and Bosnia as well.