US Congress Passes Temporary Funding Bill to Avoid Shutdown

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved the temporary funding bill to fund the US government until early March, which avoided a partial government shutdown. The resolution was then sent to President Joe Biden for final approval.

The resolution was passed right before the weekend deadline by 314-108 votes, as within the 108 were 106 Republicans and two Democrats. Meanwhile, the votes on the Senate side were 77-18.

The votes gave a positive sentiment to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as he stated that the resolution was good news for America since there will not be a shutdown, while House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good believed otherwise as he said that it’s a loss for the American people to join hands with Democrats.

The House proceeded its voting process fairly quickly, as a forecast for a snowstorm on Friday raised concerns that it could be problematic for the congress members’ departure for the weekend.

However, the passing resolution took place amid a $34.4 trillion national debt which is continuously increasing, while it also prompted worries as the Treasury Department is accumulating interest payments.