Putin Warns a Potential WWIII after Winning a Record Landslide in Russian Election

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West, after winning an election in a landslide, of the possibility of a full-scale World War III if Moscow would face a direct conflict with the U.S.-led NATO military alliance.

The war between Ukraine and Russia, starting in February 2022 to the present date, has influenced negative relations between Russia and countries from the West, with some countries wanting to distance themselves from the conflict while others showed support for both sides.

Last month, French President Emmanuel Macron stated the possibility of the deployment of ground troops in Ukraine in the future, prompting concerns over a potential direct conflict between NATO and Russia.

However, Putin responded that the existence of NATO military personnel in Ukraine was already acknowledged as English and French were spoken on the battlefield, while also showing his hope for France to stop pushing to aggravate the war, as he wished the country to play a role in finding peace.

Putin stated after winning the biggest landslide in post-Soviet Russian history that everything, in this case a war with NATO, is possible in the modern world, while also suggesting that he did not feel the need for the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine and that no country would want World War III to happen.

The Russian President continued his reign over the country in an extreme manner on Sunday, with 87.8% of the vote, signifying the highest ever result in Russia’s post-Soviet history, according to an exit poll by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM).