US Intercepts Most Iranian Drones Attack on Israel as Airlines Cancel Flights

Iran carried out a retaliatory attack on Israel over the night by deploying numerous drones and missiles, escalating the ongoing conflict between the two nations. This marks the first direct confrontation between Iran and Israel, who have long been engaged in a covert battle using surrogate forces.

Acknowledging the assault, the Israeli military confirmed that Israel and allied nations successfully intercepted a significant number of cruise missiles and drones, primarily outside Israeli airspace. US President Joe Biden stated that the United States assisted Israel in intercepting and neutralizing a large portion of the incoming threats.

The airstrike, orchestrated by Iran and its proxies in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, targeted specific military installations in Israel. The attack was in response to an earlier incident on April 1st, when Iranian consulate personnel in Syria were killed, with Iran accusing Israel of orchestrating the assault.

Following the onset of the Iranian attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened a war cabinet meeting and engaged in discussions with President Biden, who reiterated America’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security. The IDF reported minor damage to a military base within Israel due to Iranian missile strikes, with one civilian, a seven-year-old Bedouin girl, sustaining injuries from falling debris.

Iran launched over 300 projectiles at Israel, with 99% of them successfully intercepted. The airspace closure over the Middle East disrupted flight operations, with airlines like United Airlines, El Al, Emirates Airline, Air France, British Airways, and Lufthansa canceling or diverting their flights scheduled for that period.