China to Impose Export Restrictions on Aviation and Aerospace Components

China has announced plans to impose export restrictions on certain aviation and aerospace components and technologies starting July 1, in an effort to safeguard national security.

The decision comes as part of the country’s commitment to enhancing national security measures and meeting international obligations, such as non-proliferation, according to a spokesperson from the Ministry of Commerce.

The new regulations, which were jointly unveiled with the General Administration of Customs and the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission, will require export licenses for the export of items such as equipment, software and technologies related to aerospace structural components, engine manufacturing and manufacturing of gas turbines.

The spokesperson clarified that these measures are consistent with international norms governing export controls on specific items, and are not targeted at any particular country or region. The statement emphasized China’s stance against the misuse of controlled items from the country by any nation or region to undermine its national sovereignty, security, and development.

It is noted that both China and the U.S. have previously introduced export restrictions concerning technology, equipment, and materials deemed crucial for national security. In a related move, China’s commerce ministry recently imposed sanctions on Boeing and two other defense firms for their involvement in arms sales to Taiwan, as reported by the Associated Press.