Biden Weighs on Dropping Out from Presidential Race after Poor Debate Performance

President Joe Biden is reportedly aware that his candidacy may be at risk if he fails to convince the public of his abilities following a lackluster debate performance against the Republican candidate Donald Trump

An article in The New York Times highlighted concerns from a key ally, stating that Biden must deliver strong appearances, including an upcoming interview with ABC News and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The ally emphasized that another underwhelming event could significantly impact Biden’s standing in the race.

While a White House spokesperson denied the claims made in the article, a top adviser acknowledged the political challenge Biden is currently facing. 

Reports suggest that Vice President Kamala Harris is being considered as a potential successor if Biden opts out of the election, according to sources familiar with internal discussions within the Biden campaign, White House, and Democratic National Committee.

Although some Democrats have suggested alternative candidates to replace Biden, such as cabinet members and governors like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and Josh Shapiro, it is believed that Harris remains the primary option. 

A Reuters/Ipsos poll indicated that Harris trails Trump by a small margin, reflecting a statistical tie similar to Biden’s standing.

Moreover, the survey revealed that 83% of Democrats and 97% of Republicans agreed with the statement that Biden stumbled and displayed signs of aging during the debate. In comparison, only 58% of Democrats and merely 11% of Republicans assessed Trump’s debate performance in the same manner.