CKPower wins prestigious “SET Awards 2022” in Rising Star Sustainability Awards Category

  • CKPower keeps winning accolades with recent achievement being the major capital market award
  • Award testifies to commitment to sustainable growth for economic, environment, social and corporate governance 

CK Power Public Company Limited or CKPower (SET: CKP), one of the largest producers of renewables-based electricity with one of lowest carbon footprints in the region, has been presented with SET Awards 2022 in the category of Rising Star Sustainability Awards for Sustainability Excellence, one of the year’s major accolades accorded by the Stock Exchange of Thailand in conjunction with Money & Banking Magazine. It reflects the company’s commitment to increasingly producing electricity from renewables and clean energy as well as to using engineering expertise in building quality society to provide remote areas access to electricity in line with CKPower’s business principles.

Mrs. Muntana Auekitkarjorn, Deputy Manager, Corporate Planning, CKPower PCL, recently received SET Awards 2022 in the category of Rising Star Sustainability Awards for Sustainability Excellence accorded by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. 

Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director, CK Power PCL, said, “The SET Awards 2022 in the category of Rising Star Sustainability Awards is one of the proudest accolades we’ve received from the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Money and Banking magazine. It testifies to CKPower’s commitment and hard work in economic, environmental and social dimensions as well as in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) to bring our organization to sustainable growth and equilibrium amid economic pressure from multiple directions.”

Mr. Thanawat said, “The challenging crisis facing the energy industry is the global energy trend. We are facing fuel shortage and climate change and have to respond to a national target for net zero emissions. We at CKPower are very well aware of these factors and have set our goal to produce electricity from clean energy like renewables in increasing proportions consistently. We are also making sure that every step of our work is directed towards achieving net zero within 2050, which is well ahead of the 2065 national target.”

Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director, CK Power PCL

In context of caring for society, CKPower has carried out activities for the environment, communities at both local and national levels through its Hinghoi Program, which has been in the running for six successive years under the “Competency-Co-Creation-Cooperation-Connection” principles with the aim to create constructive value in harmony with the values of local communities surrounding our power plants and those in remote areas in Thailand and the Lao PDR. Through the Hinghoi Program, CKPower has provided a total of 40 public buildings in Thailand and the Lao PDR to benefit local communities. The program has provided around 1,700 children and youth in eight local communities with access to basic utilities. The Hinghoi Program has created seven learning centers about renewable energy, among these are a micro hydropower turbine, a solar-powered school building, a solar-powered water pump reservoir and a solar-powered street lighting system. They are the result of a collaborative effort of approximately 800 volunteers from CKPower’s staff in collaboration with 16 relevant agencies.


“CKPower remains on track to reach our goal of helping to build a sustainable energy industry whether in production, distribution or infrastructure with our focus on producing electricity from clean energy and renewables. CKPower currently produces 89% of its electricity from renewables and has set a target to increase the proportion of renewable-based electricity to 95% in five years. We also take cautious approach to our business operation and we are flexible in response to future changes of technology and innovation while also looking after society and local communities through our social responsibility strategy, specifically the Hinghoi Program which efficiently provides local communities with an ecosystem of renewables-based electricity of the future. All of this has contributed to a long-term sustainability of the country’s economic and social growth.”


CKPower has also been selected to be included on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Thailand Sustainability Investment list (THSI) for three straight year for which it has been presented with a plaque of honour. In addition, the company has been rated ‘Excellent’ for the fifth straight year in the Corporate Governance Report of the Thai Listed Companies (CGR) for 2022 by the Thai Institute of Directors. It is testament to a consistent improvement of its business conduct, especially in its focus on sustainability covering the environment, society and corporate governance as well as its transparency with attention to stakeholders’ roles in accordance with investors’ expectations.