Betagro launches ‘Meatly!’ Premium Plant-Based Ready-to-Eat Series

Betagro PCL (SET: BTG), Thailand’s world-class branded food company, launched Meatly!, the premium plant-based ready-to-eat meals. Meatly! initially comes with three spicy Thai dishes, namely Lon Tao Chiew bean paste, Nam Prik Long Rua chili paste and Kua Kling minced pork. They are made from plants with taste, texture and smell similar to real meat, and most importantly offering high nutritional value. Meatly! advocates the cultivation of a sustainable food culture among the new generation of people, responding to the trend for a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly future.  That message is conveyed through the ‘START with MEATLY’ marketing campaign.  BTG plans to introduce additional plant-based varieties under the Meatly! series to consumers throughout the year.

Ms.Voralun Taepaisitphongse, Meatly! Founder in Residence, said the trend of consumers paying more attention to being healthy has led to many people cutting down on their meat consumption and switching to alternative protein in occasional vegetarian diets, a practice known as ‘flexitarian meals.’ Growing environmental consciousness among people has also given rise to the trend. These factors are making plant-based food a popular choice for the future with demand is increasing steadily. According to the Euromonitor and McKinsey data for 2022, the alternative protein market in Thailand has the potential and opportunities to continue to grow with the market value reaching 9.3 billion baht in 2030. Meanwhile, the Krungthai Research Centre has forecasted that the country’s plant-based food business would be worth to 45 billion baht in 2024.


In the past year we saw BTG developed plant-based protein products under Meatly! brand to provide another alternative for consumers to have access to products with higher quality and safety at a fair price. The company launched three kinds of the premium ready-to-cook plant-based products, namely Plant-based Katsu, Plant-based Cheese Katsu and Plant-based Minced Pork which offer the texture and taste like real pork which have been well received by consumers.  In response to the growing popularity of plant-based protein and meeting the lifestyle of modern people who are in a hurry, BTG is this year lining up five ready-to-eat menu series. They are Thai, Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean fares.


Kicking of the first series is the Thai menu under the theme of ‘Original Thai taste’ that offers a bold flavour, namely Lon Tao Chiew, Nam Prik Long Rua and Kua Kling minced pork from plants. Their highlight features are the taste that meets the palate of Thai people of all genders and ages, and can also experience the protein that is 100% deriving from soy extracts. The taste, texture and smell are not different from the real pork, with nutrients that are high in fibre. These are not genetically modified products, no cholesterol and have a high nutritional value for good health, being high in quality and safety. They will be distributed through B2C (business to consumers) channels at Betagro Deli, and leading modern trade outlets covering 199 locations nationwide. They are being offered online through Social Commerce platforms (Meatly foods FB, Meatly.foods IG, @meatly.foods LINE Official) to reach a wide range of consumers. Furthermore, BTG is expanding the distribution through the B2B (business-to-business) channels through leading partner restaurants such as the Alt.Eatery, Easy! Buddy, Plantiful, among others. BTG will gradually launch other food series to consumers throughout the year.

The company is calling for the new generation to help creating a sustainable food culture, responding to food trends for a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly future through the ‘START with MEATLY’ marketing campaign – ‘easy-to-eat plant-based foods, by starting with us, more than deliciousness, more than healthy, more than saving the world’ via online channels. Various activities to create wide awareness especially among the new generation who are interested in eating more plant-based dishes will be organised. Lately, there were activities called ‘The Simply Wonderful, an amazing alternative meal right next to your home, exceptionally delicious Thai plant-based foods that appeal to the new generation’ at Alt.Eatery on Sukhumvit 51, Bangkok. Alt.Eatery provided a venue for plant-based and Vegan food lovers, those who are interested in trying plant-based dishes, to gain a new experience and trying out highly recommended menus created by Meatly! X Alt.Eatery. There, people also learnt about techniques for mixing and matching plant-based dishes with other dishes to make every meal special. Two special guests – ‘Paidonnnn’, a well-known restaurant reviewer, and ‘Vegan Calendar’, a vegan-friendly influencer came to share discussions and inspiring plant-based diets.


Ms. Voralun said: “Food products for the future under the brand Meatly! are not just premium plant protein that is good for health and being delicious, but offering greater quality and higher security under Betagro’s stringent standards. “BTG aims to offer products with superior value and differentiation through continuous innovation and product research and development. “This underscores Meatly! as one of BTG’s businesses that contribute to the growth driven by our ‘World-Class Branded Food Company’ tagline for a sustainable life for everyone.”