CPF and Nichirei join forces to make the food supply chain more sustainable

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. (CPF) and its business partner, Nichirei Fresh Inc., a leading Japanese seafood supplier, are committed to leveraging a socially and environmentally responsible food supply chain in response to consumers’ worldwide preference for products produced using environmentally and ethically responsible practices and procedures. The two companies have recently launched the “CPF-Nichirei’s collaborative biodiversity and mangrove ecosystem protection” project to help mitigate the impacts of global warming, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs).
Mr. Motohiro Kiuchi, Group Leader Shrimp Group (Marine Products Procurement Group 2), Marine Products Division of Nichirei Fresh Inc., together with Mr.Winai Danvattana, Consultant for Shrimp Farm Business as Head of working group mangrove strategic plan at Trat province, and Mr. Sutee Smudraprabhud, CPF’s CSR & Biodiversity Stewardship Director, led volunteers from CPF and the community to cultivate 1,400 mangrove trees on 2 rai of coastal wetland in Tha Prig subdistrict of Trat province as part of the kick-off activity of this project. They jointly grew variety kinds of mangrove trees include the Spurred mangrove, the Ceriops decandra, the Red-brown mangrove, and the Fish poison trees, etc.
Mr. Motohiro Kiuchi said that Nichirei is committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly, adhering to the “Circular Economy” principle throughout the supply chain. The company prioritizes sustainable partnerships that focus on the environment, human rights, and favorable working conditions. This collaborative effort is consistent with Nichirei’s sustainability policy and aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) and to help mitigate impacts from the climate change. Additionally, the company is aware that Japanese consumers are placing a greater emphasis on eco-friendly products.
“I’ve been to the CPF Grow Share Protect mangrove forest several times and am very impressed. I’m pleased that Nichirei initiated the mangrove forest conservation collaboration project with CPF. This joint effort promotes sustainable seafood sourcing and restores the mangrove ecosystem and coastal natural resources, both of which are essential components of the shrimp supply chain. As the market leader in Japan, Nichirei emphasized that growing mangrove forests is our mission to ensure the sustainable growth of the shrimp business,” said Motohiro.
Mr. Winai Danvattana stated that as the world’s leading food producer, CPF prioritizes resilient food security and is committed to sustainability in food production. In response to the global initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as the company is dependent on natural resources, we are emphasizing that every mouthful is meaningful and promoting sustainable consumption for a sustainable world. In addition, we have consistently contributed to the growth of our business partners based on the commitment to safeguarding biodiversity and upholding the ecological balance in the long term.

“This collaborative effort demonstrates that two companies share a commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible business practices. Today’s global consumers seek out products derived from an ethical production process. This offers the company and its partners new opportunities for sustainable growth,” concluded Winai.