AIS on Journey of Mutual Growth for People, Economy and Environment with New E-Waste Campaign

Global heating and climate change are becoming increasingly intense as a global problem requiring everyone’s cooperation for sustainable solutions. The 5th of June every year has been designated as World Environment Day, a day which the United Nations has announced as the starting point for international cooperation on the environment. Every sector must be aware of the impacts and environmental problems arising. In the private sector, AIS Is a willing partner in powering responses to environmental issues in every aspect of business operations. In particular, the “Thais say no to e-waste” campaign Is focused on building environmental awareness through providing services for the correct disposal of electronic waste. This requires cooperation with every sector to expand the network of engagement to partners such as Jaymart, who are conducting their E-Waste collection for J Points campaign on the E-Waste + platform. Consumer electronics giant LG and the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) are also providing cooperation by extending their network of E-Waste drop-off points. They are also joining in the campaign to persuade Thai people to dispose of their electronic waste correctly, thereby promoting a sustainable response to electronic waste, with the goal to become the Hub of E-Waste

Mrs.Saichon Submakudom, Acting Head of Public Relations and Business Relations Business Unit at AIS, said, “AIS is a digital services provider dedicated to developing networks of intelligent digital infrastructure for the nation. However we also have policies in place for generating mutual growth between people, the economy and particularly the environment. On this issue we have consistently promoted sustainable solutions with ongoing joint operations to reduce environmental impacts. We have both promoted efficient energy use and renewable energy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and even conducted waste management operations under our program, “Thais say no to e-waste.


“Today, our target in addressing the electronic waste issue is to become the HUB of E-Waste, which is a recognized center for the sustainable disposal of electronic waste. We are building a body of know-how for Thais to be aware of this problem. We are creating an electronic waste collection process for Zero Landfill recycling to international standards though ongoing collaborations with a range of state and private sector partners.

“We are taking this key opportunity on World Environment Day to announce this cooperation of Green Partnerships, which will together solve the problem of electronic waste. We are working with Jaymart on their campaign to drop off E-Waste in return for J Points on the E-Waste + platform. There is also cooperation with LG and the QSNCC to expand E-Waste drop-off points for customers and service users. We believe that efforts from every sector will eventually overcome the problem of electronic waste, with more sustainable operations as a result.”

Jaymart is joining the program with its E-Waste + platform for customers to bring their electronic waste to Jaymart service centers and obtain exclusive privileges from J Points earned from the E-Waste drop off campaign. As  Mr.Teerawat Chanvichitkul, Vice President : Head Of Marketing Jaymart Mobile Co., Ltd., explained, “We have been business partners with AIS for over 20 years, in which we have also developed concepts of sustainability. Our campaign, “Drop off e-waste for J Points”, involves customers dropping off items of E-Waste such as mobile phones, tablets, accessories and other small electronic devices at Jaymart Mobile stores. This earns J Points which can then be redeemed for cash. One item of E-Waste earns 100 J Points with a worth of 10 baht, which can be redeemed for products and services under Jaymart, as well as a number of exclusive privileges from participating stores. It is also possible to make a donation to the Thai Red Cross Eye Bank which assists the visually handicapped. E-Waste drop-offs can be made at all ten Jaymart Mobile stores in Central Ramindra, Central Huamak, Central Lad Prao, Central Eastville, Central Rama 9, Central Rama 3, Central Pinklao, Central Rama 2, Central Bangna 3 and Jaymart Headquarters from now until 30 June 2023. We are also delighted to be giving double J Points to customers dropping off E-waste on World Environment Day.”

The Thais say No to e-waste Program has also gained a new partners expanding E-Waste collection points in the form of consumer electronics stalwart LG and Thailand’s own Queen Sirikit National Convention Center or QSNCC. Mr. Sunghan Jung, President, LG Electrics (Thailand), Co., Ltd. commented, “LG Gives priority to operations which follow our vision of sustainability. At LG, we are dedicated to make a “Better Life for All” by offering innovative new models in our line of electrical appliances which are friendly to the environment at every stage of the product’s life cycle. This is aligned with LG’s global targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its production lines by 50% on a 2017 baseline. Meanwhile, World Environment Day is a crucial day for LG worldwide in its environmental program, and the core campaign of “LG Global Volunteer Day”.

“This year, we have teamed up with AIS, who has the same objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by opening drop-off points for electronic waste at service centres in dealers all around Bangkok at 11 locations, which are Head Office Service Center, Richmond Office Building Soi Sukhumvit 26, LG stores at Power Mall Department at The Emporium, Paragon, Central World, Central Rama 9, Central Pinklao, Central Lad Prao, Central Festival Eastville, and LG stores in Home Pro Mega Bangna, Home Pro Future Park Rangsit and Home Pro Ekamai-Ramindra, from now until 31 July 2023. This will add to the ecosystem of electronic waste disposal and bring Thailand to being a society completely free or E-waste more quickly.”

Mr. Sutichai Bunditvorapoom, Executive Vice President N.C.C Management & Development Co., Ltd. operator of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, added, “We are delighted to be a part of the program. “Thais say no to e-waste”, which is a critical program for the correct disposal of electronic waste. It is in line with QSNCC’s core commitment to sustainability and conserving the environment, as well as developing communities to have a better quality of life. Visitors to QSNCC and the surrounding communities can dispose of their E-Waste at drop-off points inside the building. We have also put out bins to separate different categories of waste for visitors to QSNCC, to make it easier and more convenient to dispose of waste correctly. Our waste has previously been sorted for Recycle and Upcycle processes, to promote best practice in the circular economy, and allocating resources cost-effectively for the greatest benefit.”