AIS Levels Up Aunjai Cyber in Partnership with KMUTT and Other Experts

  • AIS levels up Aunjai Cyber in partnership with KMUTT and other experts
  • Launches Thailand Cyber Wellness Index, the first measure of digital skills in Thailand
  • Shockingly, over 44.04% are vulnerable to cyber threats

The mission of Aunjai Cyber Is to build digital skills and develop digital services, select solutions and be a tool to protect Thai people from ongoing cyber threats. Today, it is upgrading this work to another level with the first ever measuring tool of digital savviness in Thailand, the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index. This is conducted in partnership with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and a range of experts in technology, health, mass communication, education and measurement and evaluation. These have brainstormed an educational framework alongside procedures and methodology to collect data, characterize the sample groups, and conduct analysis to arrive at conclusions, which is the essence of the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index. This is according to accurate standards and correct identification of target groups. It is a new standard of digital citizenship in a society using digital technology ever more. The index is being spread among cyber security networks of both the state and private sector. It will bring together knowledge and understanding of using digital to every segment of the Thai public in the future.

AIS Chief Executive Somchai Lertsutiwong commented, “The issue of cyber threats has become a matter of global concern, as there is a direct relationship with the transformation to the fully digital society. This has impacts at the individual level, whether the theft of personal information, online scams or cyber bullying, or at the national level of cyber security, which is also related to the digital economy and IT systems, which require a serious response.

“AIS is a leader in digital services, and we understand that it is a serious issue for society both now and in the future. For over 4 years, AIS has volunteered to inspire society on this issue, ever since digital technology has started to have a greater role in people’s lifestyles. The AIS Aunjai Cyber program has aimed to build awareness of both the dangers, and the potential impacts, while developing solutions and digital services to protect customers and promote safe use of the Internet, while building a body of knowledge to enhance the savviness and skills of good digital citizens.


Somchai explained further, “Our ongoing efforts in this area have enabled us to see how to address these issues efficiently and sustainably. This is why we came up with the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index, to clearly indicate the levels of digital knowledge and skills In each segment of society. The bodies concerned can use it as a tool, and deliver knowledge to the Thai public, to match each segment, and be consistent with current issues. Thailand Cyber Wellness Index is the first of its kind in Thailand, and we have achieved it with key partners such as King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), as well as academics from many other areas of study. We are focused on leveling up this matter, to engage every sector.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suvit Saetia. President of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) noted, “We have worked together with AIS on a continuous basis to build knowledge to design the Aunjai Cyber syllabus, which aims to build digital skills among the Thai public. Today, we are extremely proud to be part of this important work in developing measurement tools for the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index. For this study to be aligned with research standards, to be accurate, precise and credible,  we have worked with experts in network security and cyber safety, in terms of technology, health, mass media, education and evaluation to design a research methodology and a framework. Thailand Cyber Wellness Index has been developed as a result with three levels, which are “Advanced”, “Basic” and “Improvement”, which illustrate the digital capabilities of each segment of the Thai public, in each region of the country.

“The Thailand Cyber Wellness Index illustrates digital skills covering Thai user preferences in 7 areas: Digital Use, Digital Literacy, Digital Communication and Collaboration, Digital Rights, Cyber Security and Safety, Cyberbullying and Digital Relationships. The survey methodology covered a range of age cohorts and occupational groups from every province all over Thailand, a total sample size of 21,862. The survey found that overall, Thai people’s cyber wellness was at the “basic” level, while 44.04% were at the level of “must improve”. This shows that Thailand needs to boost its learning and understanding of using digital among the people.”

Somchai concluded, “The Thailand Cyber Wellness Index has informed us of the areas needing improvement, giving skills and understanding to users on many issues. AIS and its partners will continue to implement this work on an ongoing basis. Finally, we’d like to thank every sector who played their part to create the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index, a new compass showing us the path of developing Thai digital skills safely and responsibly, with efficiency and sustainability.”


Find more details about the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index at Any enterprise interested in the Thailand Cyber Wellness index can make contact at [email protected]