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CP Foods Takes a Green Step Forward: Teams Up with Communities for Forest Plantatio

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) has partnered with government agencies, local authorities, and community groups to advance the community plantation forests initiative. As a demonstration of this remarkable collaboration, over a hundred thousand trees have been planted so far. The program seeks to generate economic benefits, shield the local environment, and substantially contribute to carbon sequestration.


The company has recently initiated its fourth project, the “Wara Nadee Community Forest,” in Prachinburi province, with an ambitious vision to cover a sprawling 79 acres with lush greenery by 2028.


Somporn Jermpong, Head of the Swine Business at CP Foods, has emphasized the company’s steadfast ambition to strengthen and preserve forestation and biodiversity. This commitment shines through in the persistent execution of the “CPF Rak Nives at Workplace project,” endorsing tree cultivation within the company’s farms and plants nationwide.


In addition, CP Foods has set in motion the “Community Plantation Forests” initiative, which actively promotes community participation in afforestation, hence augmenting green expanses in local areas. Such endeavors aspire to enable communities to maximize the benefits derived from forests, striking a harmonious balance between their well-being and forest abundance.



The company marked the commencement of its community plantation journey with the launch of a forest at the learning center of the Rak Nives plantation in Kampaeng Phet Agricultural Village in 2014. Since then, its footprint has expanded to four significant locations. These include the plantation forest in Nong Wa Agricultural Village in Chachoengsao province, Kampaeng Phet Agricultural Village in Kampaeng Phet province, the plantation forest at Nongkhai’s breeder pig farm in Nongkhai province (a collaboration with ACYC, CP Foods’ partner), and the newly established “Wara Nadee Community Forest” in Prachinburi province.


With a future-focused vision, the company is relentlessly shaping these four sites into coveted tourist attractions and indispensable food sources for the locals. At the heart of this vision lies a learning center, exclusively committed to conserving rare trees and ecosystems. Such proactive measures resonate with the company’s green farm policy, reflecting a dedication to crafting eco-friendly and community-oriented pig farms.


The four forest sites stand as a testament to conservation efforts, with the planting of over a hundred thousand trees and the safeguarding of diverse flora and fauna. Aiming to counteract the effects of climate change, these sites also serve as hubs for employee workshops on tree measurement, aligned with the greenhouse gas emission reduction principle, dubbed LESS, championed by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization.


In a recent collaborative stride, community residents and CP Foods employees collaborated to plant trees and introduce fish into the pristine water bodies at Wara Nadee plantation forest, all with an eye on enveloping a 79-acre expanse in greenery by 2028.