CP AXTRA Unveils New Business “Hybrid Wholesale,” Combining the Strengths of Makro and Lotus’s Mall

The first-ever launch of “Hybrid Wholesale” in Thailand, CP AXTRA demonstrates its strengths of Thailand’s leading wholesaler; Makro and Lotus’s mall management expertise in this model that offers great value and lifestyle solutions for business operators and other customers.


Mr. Tanin Buranamanit, Chief Executive Officer – CP AXTRA Public Company Limited, revealed that the “Hybrid Wholesale” concept by Makro represents a remarkable milestone in Thailand, merging the leading wholesale capabilities of Makro with mall management expertise of Lotus’s. This synergy aims to cater to a wide range of customer needs, presenting a diverse array of locally sourced and globally curated products at wholesale prices. “Hybrid Wholesale” introduces a brand-new format that answer both business needs and modern lifestyle for new generation entrepreneurs.


Mr. Tanit Chearavanont, Chief Executive Officer – Makro Thailand, emphasized Makro’s approach to “Hybrid Wholesale,” stating ” Over 34 years, we have harnessed Makro’s strengths in sourcing high-quality products from all corners of Thailand as well as selected sources of premium ingredients from top producers around the world, at best wholesale prices. Besides, we continue to deliver exceptional benefits to our valued members through the Makro PRO Point Loyalty Program.”

Another key highlight of Makro’s commitment to meet business operator needs is the seamless integration of customer service channels. These include professional B2B sales team, online ordering through Makro PRO application, and in-store service, creating convenient and efficient omni-channel purchasing experience. “Customers can easily access Makro’s great products and great value quickly and hassle-free,” added Mr. Tanit.


Mr. Sompong Rungnirattisai, Chief Executive Officer Lotus’s Thailand, described the development of “Hybrid Wholesale” that combines the strengths of both brands. With Lotus’s expertise in managing Smart Community Center that cater to the diverse lifestyles of all age, we support the extension of Makro’s customer needs. This collaboration presents new opportunities and experiences for business owners.

“We are confident that Hybrid Wholesale will elevate businesses’ sustainable growth. Besides offering products and competitive prices, Makro is committed to be a trusted partner, having served business owners for over 34 years through sharing of knowledge and experiences to support the growth of Shohuay and HORECA businesses.

CP AXTRA is gearing up to introduce the first Hybrid Wholesale store in Thailand very soon,” concluded Mr. Tanin.