AIS Joins Force with Ctrip to Boost Exploits Free China Visa Policy with ‘AIS LUCKY SIM CARD’

  • AIS 5G exploits Free China Visa policy in partnership with, China’s top tourist platform
  • Seamless service covers every stage of the journey catering to Chinese tourists
  • AIS LUCKY SIM CARD is the key to unlock communications for reassurance the entire trip

AIS 5G has joined forces with China’s leading online travel agent (OTA),, in response to the new policy of free visas for China. The policy will stimulate Thailand’s tourism sector by delivering a seamless user experience for Chinese tourists when planning their travels on the Ctrip platform. Everything is covered from booking air tickets, hotels and tourism packages to services from AIS 5G. These provide exceptional convenience to Chinese tourists and travelers who can purchase the SIM card before they arrive in Thailand with the AIS LUCKY SIM CARD. This in turn enables seamless connections to the 5G network which has the best coverage, as the widest, furthest, highest and deepest in Thailand. Top tourist attractions such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Khaosan Road and Chatuchak Park are covered, to provide the best digital experience for Chinese tourists throughout their trip. They can communicate with each other, post to social media and share their impressions without any glitches or interruptions.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS said, “the tourism sector is a key economic driver for Thailand. This is clearly seen from the new government issuing a tourism stimulus policy to exempt Chinese tourists from visa requirements, temporarily for a period of five months. This covers two of the long Chinese vacations or Golden Weeks which include China’s National Day on 1 October and Chinese New Year in February next year. The visa incentive is hoped to lure Chinese tourists back to Thailand. AIS, one of the country’s major private sector telecom and digital services providers, is fully supportive of an Ecosystem which will help Thai tourism recover and resume its journey of upward growth. This is achieved by strategic partnerships with partners such as group, China’s number one OTA.

“Together, we are bringing a wonderful experience to Chinese tourists. They can seamlessly plan their visit to Thailand on the Ctrip platform, which includes booking flights, hotel accommodation and tour packages as well as telecom services from AIS such as the AIS LUCKY SIM CARD. Chinese tourists can purchase the SIM card and activate it before they even travel, for a digital experience that will reassure them throughout their trip in Thailand. We are confident of being able to power Thai tourism by relying on the strengths in different sectors to stimulate travel and tourism in Thailand. This collaboration will enable them to share their impressions of Thai tourist attractions to the rest of the world. It is also a key mechanism to revive growth in the tourism sector.”

Ms. Rudeephan Temcheun, Business Development Director of Group commented, “We are very excited now that going forward, Group will have a more diverse and complete offer. By working with Thailand’s number one telecom provider, AIS, we will be delivering telecom services to Chinese tourists which will enable them to plan their entire trip from a single place. This ranges from booking air tickets and accommodation to planning their travels and including the services of the AIS tourist SIM and will enable tourists to design their travels as they wish. This is a huge convenience for tourists currently planning a trip to Thailand, who will receive a complete and distinctive experience. We sincerely hope that this partnership is not just adding telecom services to our platform, but is also promoting international relations, which will lead to the growth of the tourist sector in both countries.”

Chinese tourists or travelers who wish to visit Thailand can purchase the AIS LUCKY SIM CARD on the Ctrip platform for with a wide array of packages on offer to choose from, aligning with the needs of each traveler coming to Thailand.

Chinese tourists purchasing the LUCKY SIM CARD also receive a range of exclusive privileges including discounts on travel insurance worth 50,000 THB, shopping at famous stores and dining at famous restaurants in Thailand, which have been specially curated for Chinese tourists.


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