FWD Insurance Partners with The Chocolate Factory to Craft FWD Insurance partners with The Chocolate Factory to Craft with ‘Iconic Taste of Thailand’

FWD Life Insurance Plc. (“FWD Insurance”) maintains its steadfast commitment to crafting an enduring brand experience, immersing customers in a sensory odyssey that enlivens all five senses, thereby embedding the brand firmly within the hearts and lifestyles of individuals. On this occasion, we have forged a partnership with The Chocolate Factory, an esteemed purveyor of premium chocolates, to curate an extraordinary culinary journey. Allow us to introduce the “Chocolate Bon Bon” collection, boasting eight unparalleled and unprecedented flavors. This creation is unveiled under the enchanting “Iconic Taste of Thailand” concept, drawing inspiration from the distinctive Thai flavors masterfully blended into delectable bite-sized chocolates, affording everyone the opportunity to savor the joy of Celebrate living every day.


Ms. Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Branding and Communications Officer of FWD Insurance, said, “FWD Insurance’s brand experience strategy is conveyed through a multisensory revelation, engaging all five senses: sight, taste, scent, sound, and touch. As we embrace the ‘Experiences of Celebrate living’ paradigm this September, our collaboration with The Chocolate Factory, esteemed connoisseurs of premium chocolate craftsmanship, unveils the ‘Chocolate Bon Bon’ featuring eight innovative flavors. This luxurious selection forms an integral part of the ‘Iconic taste of Thailand’ concept, where the rich flavors of Thai fruits and desserts blend seamlessly with chocolate, resulting in experiences that are both distinctive and exhilarating. This seamless fusion of premium chocolate from Western culture and local ingredients, artfully presented by The Chocolate Factory, perfectly aligns with FWD Insurance’s innovative and differentiating brand attributes, rooted in the celebration of uniqueness. These uniquely Thai chocolate creations represent an enchanting novelty for our valued clientele.”

The “Iconic taste of Thailand” Chocolate Bon Bon collection, an embodiment of culinary artistry, encompasses eight uniquely Thai flavors:

  • Coconut Custard: A symphonic fusion of traditional Thai dessert, Khanom Sot Sai, and luscious chocolate, promising an indulgence that’s sweet, creamy, and delightful.
  • Summer Dream: A crescendo of intense chocolate, intertwined with the fragrant notes of passion fruit and mango, promises an exclusive gustatory reverie and unique taste.
  • Thai Origin: An audacious and aromatic chocolate affair featuring premium cocoa beans sourced from northern Thailand, crafted to enchant connoisseurs of dark chocolate.
  • Siam Chilli: A daring fusion where Thai bird’s eye chili meets velvety chocolate, delivering a captivating and spicy chocolate encounter.
  • Lychee: The enchanting allure of lychee, with its delicate sweetness and subtle tartness, harmonizes exquisitely with rich chocolate, offering a refreshing taste profile.
  • Thai Coffee: The aromatic essence of Kopi Thai traditional coffee, renowned for its distinctive aroma, finds seamless synergy with opulent chocolate.
  • Thai Bingsul: A nostalgic Thai dessert, reimagined in the embrace of rich chocolate, evoking cherished memories and delivering an exquisite chocolate journey.
  • Thai Crispy Pancake: Chocolate interlaces with the beloved Thai snack “Khanom Beuang,” offering a symphony of sweetness, coconut-infused allure, and fragrant nostalgia.


“For the past three years, we have consistently executed our brand experience strategy, forging strategic partnerships with leaders in various lifestyle sectors. This concerted effort has seamlessly woven the fabric of the FWD Insurance brand into the fabric of people’s daily lives, fostering a profound and enduring connection between the brand and individuals’ lifestyles. Through a diverse array of activities, our aim has been to create a sense of familiarity and to etch an indelible mark of our brand in the hearts and minds of our audience. The Chocolate Factory shares our unwavering philosophy of perpetually seeking novel and exceptional experiences, which harmoniously aligns with the core identity of FWD Insurance. Through this collaboration, we aspire to encapsulate the essence of the brand experience in the form of chocolates that are truly unparalleled. Our ultimate objective is for the FWD Insurance brand to resonate profoundly with our valued customers, seamlessly becoming an integral facet of their lives. Furthermore, we endeavor to elevate their happiness by offering chocolates that cater to their distinct preferences, enabling them to Celebrate living and savor life’s joys with every bite. All of this becomes a delightful reality through the exquisite chocolate creations within the ‘Iconic Taste of Thailand’ concept,” articulated Ms. Pavarisa.