Educational Opportunities for Thai Youth at Pimali: a Ticket Towards Sustainable Quality of Life

The term “youth” embodies the future of our nation and represents the seeds of development that must be nurtured through quality education, skill acquisition, and the cultivation of profound thinking. This process allows them to grow into resilient and magnificent trees, ready to become driving forces in our future society. If educational opportunities can be made accessible to all youth across the country, it will pave the way for increased societal equality as well as sustainable economic, social, and environmental development for Thailand.

Recognizing these opportunities, the FWD Group has embarked on the “10 grants in 10 markets” community initiative as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, providing financial support for charitable initiatives that promote financial inclusion and vocational training in the ten markets where FWD conducts its operations. In particular, FWD Insurance Thailand has granted educational scholarships to ten students at the Pimali Resort and Training Centre. This endeavor aims to impart fundamental knowledge and skills, preparing these young individuals for future careers under the nurturing care of the Pimali Foundation.

Situated in Nong Khai province, the Pimali Resort and Training Centre was established in 2015 with the mission of aiding orphaned children and disadvantaged youth across Thailand. The majority of its students come from families grappling with economic hardships in the northeastern region of Thailand and are entrusted to the care of the foundation due to the loss of parents or siblings, or because their families are unable to provide for them. The centre admits children over 17 years of age and offers them comprehensive training in hotel and service-related professions, encompassing culinary arts, hospitality service, and housekeeping. The curriculum spans both theoretical and practical aspects and extends over a twelve-month period. During the practical phase, students gain invaluable real-world experience by working in the foundation’s hotel, which also accommodates external guests. Additionally, students receive instruction in general knowledge and practical skills, and they are trained to handle peculiar situations they may encounter over the course of their careers while delivering services, including English language proficiency, information technology, and techniques for writing job applications at various institutions nationwide to pursue the careers of their choosing. Each year, approximately 25 to 27 children are welcomed into the foundation’s care.

“For four consecutive years, we have been unwavering in our support of the Pimali Foundation. In recognition of our special 10th anniversary, we have extended our educational scholarships to contribute to the creation of a society driven by learning and fortifying economic stability for marginalized communities. We comprehend the significance of fostering social equity and elevating the quality of life for Thai youth, allowing everyone to live life to the fullest, free from worries. Education serves as the cornerstone for enhancing long-term quality of life and channeling knowledge into stable careers for the future,” emphasized Mr. David Korunić, Chief Executive Officer of FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited.

Nong Juk – Prasobchoke Yodtong, a jovial young man from Nong Khai specializing in culinary arts, shares his journey: “The opportunity to study at Pimali has deepened my understanding of kitchen work and the systematic preparation of food. Previously, I enjoyed cooking, but it was largely experimental. Now, I can methodically combine various ingredients and create delectable dishes. After completing my studies here, I aspire to work in a professional kitchen and, eventually, establish a small restaurant to generate income and support myself in the future.”

“I opted to study in the service department because I aimed to overcome my shyness. I used to be hesitant about approaching strangers and lacked the confidence to tackle tasks independently. I pondered ways to conquer my fears and uncertainties, and the opportunity to study and train at Pimali has contributed to my growth in courage. I still have a long journey ahead, but I have gained self-assurance and am immensely grateful to everyone who has provided me with learning opportunities and guidance on self-improvement.” Pearwa – Pharadee Ainthamat, a young lady from Khon Kaen, who is enrolled in the hospitality service program, reflects on her choice of career path.


Nu – Panupong Paengyod, a young man hailing from Sakon Nakhon, specializing in housekeeping, enthusiastically shared his perspective: “I decided to pursue housekeeping because I have a natural inclination for taking care of rooms and crafting a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Witnessing well-organized guest rooms fills me with joy. On a personal note, I have a passion for arranging flowers, using the blooms found in the vicinity to enhance the décor. It brings a sense of freshness and beauty to everything. When guests staying here appreciate the carefully arranged flowers, it brings even greater satisfaction.”

“When I initially learned about being awarded a scholarship to study here, I was both thrilled and elated. I had never dared to dream of such an opportunity before. Previously, when contemplating my future, it seemed somewhat hazy—uncertain about what I would do or become. Yet, now that I’ve undertaken studies here, I feel that I can achieve numerous goals. I take pride in my progress, thanks to the guidance of the teachers at this institution. It has instilled the confidence to envision my future post-graduation, where I can sustain myself,” Noey – Punthira Pimsen, a young lady hailing from Nakhon Phanom who is also studying housekeeping, shared.


Collectively, all the youths at the training centre echo a similar sentiment, expressing that receiving scholarships from FWD Life Insurance Plc. (“FWD Insurance”) and becoming students at this institution is akin to unlocking doors to educational opportunities and charting a path toward future careers. They regard it as the most extraordinary gift they’ve ever received, as such an opportunity had never entered their thoughts. Consequently, they are resolute in dedicating themselves to their studies, knowing that the teachers and staff at this institution provide unwavering support. The teachers also have plans to visit graduates who are now working in various provinces, instilling in them a sense of joy and pride in having caring adults overseeing their progress.

In our society, we all aspire to witness these budding talents nurtured into individuals of strength and capability, akin to resilient plants that bear fruit and make significant contributions to our community. This parallels the aspirations of the youth in Thai society, who deserve equal and sustainable educational opportunities. Such opportunities empower them to develop their latent potential, elevate their quality of life, create pathways to success in their chosen careers, and emerge as invaluable assets to our nation’s future.