CKP Wins World-Class Awards from The European Global Business Awards 2023

CK Power Public Company Limited or CKPower (SET: CKP), recently received major world-class recognitions for its sustainability performance in the energy industry at The European Global Business Awards 2023 in the UK. Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director, CK Power PLC, won Best Leadership in the Sustainable Energy Industry: Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet – Thailand, while CKPower was recognized for being a corporate role model for Best Sustainable Development Strategy, Energy Sector – Thailand.

Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director, CK Power PLC, said, “We are so honored that our commitment has been recognized by The European, which is a leading business magazine in the UK. CKPower Group has a clear vision to become a clean energy organization as we are headed toward a low-carbon society as we strive to mitigate climate impacts. We have incorporated the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) concept into our 5-year plan to achieve our sustainability goal (2022-2026) under our 3-pronged (CKP) strategy which includes all three ESG aspects: Environmental (C – Clean Electricity) a commitment to producing clean electricity that is environmentally friendly; Social (K – Kind Neighbor) a commitment to respecting human rights and sustainably taking care of society and communities; and Governance (P – Partnership for Life) fair management and business resilience.

He said CKPower has been striving to become one of the largest producers of electricity from renewables in the region. The company operates with a commitment to striking an ESG balance while instilling in its employees a leadership DNA in renewables knowhow and expertise in an effort to build quality society in line with its sustainable development goals (SDGs) to continuously increase access to renewable energy and to improve the quality of life in communities both in Thailand and the Lao PDR. These recognitions reflect the determination and commitment by all executives and employees to contribute to energy security and sustainability as the company pushes forward to double its effort to achieve corporate and social growth.

He said, “CKPower is ready to support and join in the effort to promote energy security by developing and ensuring that all of our power plants operate efficiently to meet demand for electricity in line with Thailand’s power development plan which aims to build national energy security while getting our ecosystem ready for new local and international investments and ensuring that we will be able to produce and supply sufficient uninterrupted electricity to the public, including the business sector, thereby preventing widespread blackouts like in some countries.”

CKPower aims to increase the production capacity of renewable energy from 93% to 95% or 4,800 megawatts by 2024 through investing in new projects in renewable energy, including solar, hydro, and wind energy. In 2022, the company’s power plants were able to generate 9.5 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean electricity for Thailand, accounting for 5% of the country’s total electricity use and more than 18% of all renewable electricity used in the country.

The company also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to below 723,674 carbon dioxide-equivalent tons (tCO2e) within 2023. As at 30 June, the company was able to keep the emissions at 354,851 carbon dioxide-equivalent tons (tCO2e), which was even better than the target. The company also has plans to reduce energy consumption and to increase the efficiency of corporate resources use such as by promoting more use of electric vehicles and increasing renewables-based electricity use in the organisation from currently 88% to 92% by the end of this year.

The European is the UK’s leading business magazine focusing on covering organisations with outstanding business practices in the face of mounting worldwide challenges e.g. climate change and ESG practice. The European Global Business Awards has been announced and awarded for nine consecutive years.