FWD Insurance Triumphs as “Best Contact Center of 2023” at TCCTA Contact Center Awards 2023

FWD Insurance, a pioneering force in innovation and service excellence, has won nine prestigious awards at the Thai Contact Center Trade Association (TCCTA) Contact Center Awards 2023. This remarkable feat includes the coveted title of “The Best Contact Center of the Year”, a distinction specifically designed for organizations with over 100 contact center employees, and was presented at an event organized by the Thai Contact Center Trade Association. These accolades underscore FWD Insurance’s unwavering commitment to delivering customer-led service, along with its profound understanding of the diverse demands of its clientele, which encompasses a wide array of communication channels.


Mr. David Korunić, Chief Executive Officer of FWD Insurance, articulated, “This achievement marks another significant milestone for FWD Insurance as we proudly secure the distinguished title of ‘The Best Contact Center of the Year’ at the TCCTA Contact Center Awards 2023. In this year’s edition, we are honored with a total of nine awards, spanning both organizational and individual categories. These awards stand as a testament to our customer-led approach and our ability to adeptly respond to the modern customer landscape, where precision, speed, and responsiveness are paramount. We have harnessed digital technology, adopting a ‘Digital by Design’ approach and consolidating our tools into a unified platform, ensuring swift and personalized customer service.”

In the organizational category, FWD Insurance secures an impressive tally of seven awards, with three Gold Awards:

  • The Best Effective Technology Contact Center (Gold Award): Recognized for our utilization of AI Voice Bot technology, enhancing customer convenience by offering uninterrupted 24/7 service and eliminating wait times. We comprehensively address inquiries related to premium payments, claims processing, document requests, surrender value, and policy cash value. Our relentless efforts aim to provide in-depth responses to customer queries.
  • The Best Effective Software Contact Center (Gold Award): Applauded for introducing the Omne by FWD app, an empowering tool allowing customers to independently manage various tasks, including document requests, policy management, policy loans, online claim submissions, and immediate refund processing, all at their convenience.
  • The Best Workflow Contact Center (Gold Award): Honored for the successful integration of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology, leading to streamlined operations and the unification of service channels, ensuring precise and swift responses, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • In addition to these achievements, FWD Insurance received two Silver Awards: The Best Social Media Contact Center (Silver Award), recognized for its exemplary online social media services, and The Best Facilities Contact Center (Silver Award), acknowledged for its exceptional work environment and facilities.
  • Furthermore, FWD Insurance was also awarded a Bronze Award: The Best Human Care Contact Center (Bronze Award), acknowledging its exceptional efforts in employee engagement and support.


In alignment with our strong emphasis on technological advancement, we equally prioritize the growth and development of our personnel. We received two prestigious individual awards. These honors comprise two complementary awards for “The Best Contact Center Agent of the Year” and an outstanding accolade for “The Best Contact Center Support Professional of the Year.” These achievements serve as a testament to the wholehearted dedication of our team members to delivering exceptional service and their remarkable problem-solving abilities.


Mr. David concluded by emphasizing the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences across all customer segments and raising our service to global standards. Our aspiration is to become the preferred brand in the hearts of our customers when it comes to service excellence.