FWD Insurance and The Chocolate Factory Unite for a Delectable New Year Celebration and Unveil the Exclusive “Chocolate Bon Bon” Collection

Ms. Pavarisa Chumvigrant (2nd from the right), Chief Branding and Communications Officer of FWD Insurance, and Khun Namnueng Eamcharoenying, Chief Operating Officer of the Chocolate Factory (2nd from the left), extend a warm invitation to all to usher in the New Year’s festival with a delectable and exclusive menu under the “Iconic Taste of Thailand” concept, featuring the exquisite “Chocolate Bon Bon” available in eight innovative flavors. This culinary creation draws inspiration from the infusion of unique Thai cuisines and beverages, presenting bite-sized chocolates that blend premium-grade chocolate from the West with locally sourced Thai ingredients. The result is a series of exceptionally novel and delightful chocolate flavors, offering everyone the opportunity to savor happiness in the new year and joyously ‘Celebrate living’ every day.

We invite everyone to experience the distinctive flavors of the “Chocolate Bon Bon” in the latest eight varieties, exclusively presented in the “Iconic Taste of Thailand” collection. Visit any of The Chocolate Factory’s 26 branches or conveniently order through Line: @Chocfac and all well-known delivery apps. This delectable offering is available from today until February 28, 2024.