FWD Collaborates with Bangkok Hospital to Address Customer Needs through Digital Health Technology

FWD Life Insurance Plc. (“FWD Insurance”), led by Khun Massiri Supasanguan (second from the right), Chief Life Operations Officer, recently joined a press conference to introduce the “Smart Hospital for Insurance Customers” initiative. This initiative project centers around the pre-authorization of medical treatment expenses through Digital Health Technology via the My B+ application, designed to enhance convenience for individuals receiving services at Bangkok Hospital. For FWD Insurance customers with medical coverage, the initiative allows them to verify their pre-authorized medical coverage before undergoing treatment procedures. This process includes comparing projected medical expenses with the coverage specified in the insurance policy, enabling customers to plan their treatments and assess potential expenses beyond the coverage limit. Notable figures, namely, Dr. Matinee Maipang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Group 1 and Hospital Director at Bangkok Hospital Headquarters (third from the right), and Khun Narumol Noi-am, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (second from the left), presented at the welcoming reception held at Rehabilitation Building, Bangkok Hospital, Soi Soonvijai.