Generali Life Assurance Partners with TISCO Group to Enhance Financial Security for Thai People

Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) has established an exclusive partnership with TISCO Group and signed a memorandum of understanding to be the life insurance provider for TISCO Group’s hire purchase and auto title loan customers.

Mr. Arsh Kaumi, Country Manager of Generali Thailand and CEO of Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, stated that “Generali Thailand is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with the TISCO Group to deliver worthwhile protection to customers as both companies share long term sustainable vision and a customer-centric approach. Through this partnership, Generali Thailand commits to be a Lifetime Partner, fostering financial stability for customers in every life phase. The commitment includes delivering insurance solutions tailored for TISCO Group’s customers, easing the burden of unforeseen events, and enabling seamless financial alignment with their goals.”

Generali Thailand is dedicated to advancing the insurance market in Thailand, with the ultimate goal of protecting and continuously enhancing people’s quality of life. We prioritize offering products that cater to customers’ lifestyle needs while ensuring financial stability. This involves crafting life insurance products covering auto loan protection and health insurance encompassing inpatient (IPD) and outpatient (OPD) medical treatments and income compensation during medical care. This comprehensive health protection plan addresses customers’ needs holistically, complemented by enhanced services experience through our advanced technology platform.

“Beyond comprehensive coverages and products that cater to customer needs, Generali Thailand also provides professional after-sales service and innovative solutions through our digital platform, GEN 365, featuring fast e-claim service, Telemedicine, 24-hour access to a nationwide network of more than 650 leading hospitals across the country, and many other benefits.”

Mr. Sakchai Peechapat, Group Chief Executive of TISCO Financial Group Public Company Limited, stated that TISCO Group is committed to support the financial well-being of the Thai people. Also, insurance is one of the products that enhance customers’ financial planning. Over the years, TISCO Group has emphasized on delivering high quality products and services with this commitment emphasizing good governance to establish sustainability as a financial institute dedicated to ensuring financial well-being for customers.

As a key part of our business, we prudently select business partners from financial strength, expertise and business policies, ensuring our customer protection and benefits. Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited is one of key business partners, renowned for its expertise in exceptional life insurance solutions, including auto loan protection and highly regarded health insurance products. The company is a subsidiary of the globally recognized Generali Group. It has been operating for over 192 years and has been entrusted by customers worldwide.

“Moving forward, TISCO Group and Generali Thailand are set to collaborate to develop top-tier products and services tailored to customer needs under the ‘Exclusive Partnership’ agreement. To elevate financial well-being and provide excellent services to our loan customers by providing products, such as Auto Loan Protection and Health Insurance Plan, that are exclusively tailored to TISCO customers and family. These offerings are now available through TISCO Bank Public Company Limited, Hi-Way Company Limited—a provider of financial leasing for motorcycles—and insurance broker under brand Somwang Ngern Sang Dai, which offers auto title loans nationwide. With a dedicated team at TISCO stands ready to serve as intermediaries, offering close and personalized advice to customers.”