STA Affirms Readiness for the EUDR Rubber

Mr. Veerasith Sinchareonkul, Managing Director & Executive Director, Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited (SET: STA), the world’s leader and largest integrated natural rubber business operator and Thailand’s largest rubber glove manufacturer, revealed that the “STA Thank You Party 2024” has been held continuously for over 15 years.

STA organized this annual celebration as a way to thank both Thai business partners and foreign business associates from countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, India, and various European Union nations, along with rubber customers from around the world, most of whom are in the rubber tire industry.

The event, led by a group of company executives attending the event included Mr. Veerasith Sinchareonkul, Managing Director & Executive Director, STA Executive Directors Mr. Paul Sumade Lee and Mr. Vitchaphol Sinchareonkul, and Mr. Nattee Thiraputhbhokin, CMO & Executive Committee member of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) accompanied by Mr. Nakorn Takkavirapat, the Governor of the Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT), who honored the event with his presence.

Apart from offering a range of fun activities, entertainment, and educational content for all guests, the event provided updates on the current EUDR rubber situation, demonstrated the company’s readiness in production capacity and management, and prepared for the impending EUDR regulations expected to be implemented in the European Union by the end of the year.

Moreover, STA has been working intensively with rubber farmers and dealers to develop “Traceable Natural Rubber” through “Sri Trang Friends Application” the one stop service for rubber farmer application that can provide geolocation details to identify the sources of origin and ascertain that their plantation areas are not involved in deforestation or degradation of forest land. This initiative not only elevates the standards of Thailand’s  rubber industry but also enhances its competitiveness on the international level.

STA remains dedicated to maintaining the quality of its products and services, emphasizing continuous research and development, technological advancements, and human resources investments to maximize customer satisfaction. The event was held at the Renaissance Ratchaprasong Hotel in Bangkok, providing a warm, enjoyable, and memorable experience for all attendees, and serving as an opportunity to thank customers, partners, and business allies for their enduring support.