CP Foods Rallies Collective Efforts for Food Security and Environmental Revival

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is unwavering in its mission to harness innovation and technology to optimize production efficiency, quality, and food safety standards. Concurrently, the company places  importance on ecosystem conservation, safeguarding biodiversity, and restoring balance of nature  – the cornerstone of food security. This commitment aligns with CP Foods’ vision to become the “Kitchen of the World,” ensuring consumer well-being and healthy planet through sustainable practices.

These comprehensive initiatives commemorate CP Foods’ recognition of the United Nations’ World Environment Day on June 5th, echoing the 2024 theme “Our Land, Our Future, We are #GenerationRestoration.” They also resonate with the celebration of World Food Safety Day on June 7th.

Mrs. Kobboon Srichai, Head of Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations at CP Foods, revealed that ensuring equity and sufficient access to quality food in all circumstances remains a top priority. The company champions environmentally conscious business operations by responsibly utilizing natural resources and maximizing their benefits, driven by the ambition to conserve biodiversity and maintain nature’s delicate equilibrium.

To fulfill its role as the “Kitchen of the World,” CP Foods also prioritizes fostering consumer awareness about food safety by promoting nutritious and healthy food consumption. The company collaborates with partners and relevant health and food production organizations to bolster food safety standards.

Furthermore, CP Foods is pioneering a synergistic approach to upholding consumer well-being and planetary health by harnessing innovations and technologies to enhance efficiency across the entire food production chain – from animal feed manufacturing and farming to food processing. This comprehensive strategy fortifies the highest standards of food quality and safety while mitigating food waste, losses, and environmental impacts.

The company is at the forefront of developing eco-conscious feed solutions that curtail excess nitrogen in animal waste and championing animal welfare practices. CP Foods has implemented biogas systems for waste management in its every pig farms and layer chicken complexes nationwide, while amplifying the utilization of renewable energy sources throughout its operations.

Particularly this year, the company is prioritizing water management strategies to address drought challenges while optimizing water resources through the 3Rs principle (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and deploying cutting-edge technological solutions for water management. CP Foods collaborates closely with government agencies and local communities to conserve and restore watersheds and water sources, including the long-running Mun River Conservation Project, which has spanned over 15 years. This program targets securing vital water basins in Thailand’s northeastern provinces.

The company is continuously instilling awareness and encouraging employees to unite their efforts in safeguarding the surrounding environment and natural resources. While, fostering networks with government entities, local authorities, and relevant stakeholders to restore forest areas, water sources, soil quality, and clean air for future generations.

Most significantly, the company aims to raise awareness among children and youth, empowering them as partners in planetary preservation through the “CPF Green Sea We Share” project. This initiative imparts a legacy of environmental responsibility and cultivating a better world.

By galvanizing collective action and nurturing eco-consciousness across all levels, CP Foods exemplifies its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. These endeavors underscore the company’s vision of harmonizing business growth with sustainable practices that revitalize ecosystems and secure a thriving planet for generations to come.