G-Able Reveals Tips for Sustainable Business Growth and Success in AI Era with “The Triple Bottom Line – 3Ps”

G-Able Public Company Limited, a leading “Tech Enabler” that helps empowering business towards the digital era in all dimensions with over 35 years of expertise in comprehensive IT and digital infrastructure held an open house event “G-Able Day 2024” along with 20 partnered leading global technological companies to update the tech trend and to share the potential of cutting edge AI technology to elevate the business towards digital era in every dimension under the theme “Enable Sustainable Growth Through The Triple Balance with Tech and Innovation”, ready to gear up business towards success.  

Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, Chief Executive Officer of G-Able Public Company Limited, stated, “Nowadays we must admit that any business leaders who have a goal to create sustainable business growth to the organization is inevitably facing several technological challenges. 

Gartner reveals that the most popular tech trend at this moment is Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI (Gen AI) which is now at the highest peak of Gartner Hype Cycle. From now on, AI will be an important factor to create competitive advantage for business. G-Able forecasts that, to be a long-term winner, the business leader must have goal and direction to manage sustainable growth and see the direction of AI opportunity to design strategy for sustainable growth. Business must integrate technology to develop smarter business in all dimensions as well as focus on business security due to prevalent security threats.

For business, to generate sustainable growth further from the equation “Sustain = Smart + Secure”, business must have 3 key elements. The study from Harvard Business School reveals that “3Ps” or the Triple Bottom Line including Profit, People and Planet. This concept is in line with  G-Able’s strategy formula that to create sustainable profit with smart people and secure planet  to create business growth is not easy but possible.

The details of each “P” are 1) Profit: every business needs growing profit. Presently, the business world has entered digital era. The business that utilizes technology can gain more revenue and have better cost management. 2) People: ‘people’ are the most important asset of organization. However, the most important asset that can generate sustainable profit is “The Right People”.  

To get the right people for the organization, we need to get them ahead of the competitors and  keep those people with the organization for the longest period. 3) Planet: every business needs to realize the importance of this issue and together take care the environment. This is a challenging task and business may need to trade off against less profit whether it be carbon footprint  reduction of manufacturing sector, the change of packaging to more environmentally friendly ones,  the use of EV in logistics sector to reduce the greenhouse gas emission. The 3Ps or the Triple Bottom Line makes G-Able realize opportunities and possibilities of utilizing technology to create innovation for new products or services. The new technology will be an enabler to make these things happen, while secure our planet as well as sustain business and create growing profit or new  s-curve altogether.  

Mrs. Nuannit Hongprapawong, Chief Sales & Commercial Officer of G-Able added ‘G-Able Day 2024 is an open house event that gathers over 20 partnered leading global technological companies as well as tech gurus to update the tech trend and to share the potential of the cutting edged AI technology under the theme ‘Enable Sustainable Growth Through The Triple Balance with Tech and Innovation’ to the executive leaders, the modern entrepreneurs, and those who are keen on AI technology for their business to have and AI experience. The event also features the launch of ‘The Triple Bottom Line’ strategy which is still in the interest of the entrepreneurs in digital transformation era. We hope that the participants will take the ideas, knowledge, and case studies to further develop their business based on Sustain = Smart + Secure strategy to create sustainable growth through 3Ps factors including People – Profit – Planet which are the key elements to unlock the potential for profit generation and achieve ultimate sustainability goal with technology.  Even this seems challenging, the strategy and key elements are the road to business success  in a long term that will empower everyone to be a part in taking care of this planet which is the key factor that can definitely add competitive advantage to the businesses.